Farewell to the paradigm of people’s Nobility

The Gallant Spirit has transited to the Sacred Lands of the Great Ancestors

The giant trees on the path of the avatar are swaying in adulation and sadness

There are ululations for the dignified warrior and the inspirational music that epitomized Oyuki Obaseki’s life is rising to a crescendo; the waters of the ancient Benin Rivers moderated their flow for a while to initiate a soulful dance with the fountains of the sacred element.
Perhaps, Shakespeare in ‘Twelfth Night’ would psychically learn through, Chief Oyuki Obaseki, that there are those who were simultaneously born great and will equally on their own achieve greatness and the society will, consequently, thrust greatness on such phenomenon. A legatee of the quintessential renown Ogbedoyo lineage, Chief Oyuki Jackson Obaseki, (O.J. – the Juice as fondly called in some circles) always displayed the humble pride and broadness of spirit befitting the paradigm of people’s nobility. A pristine Ovbie Edo kpataki with a clear understanding of the height of the civilizational contribution of Benin people in world history, Chief Oyuki Obaseki, saw himself as a global ambassador of his heritage through philanthropy and sports.
Posterity and contemporaneity will testify that the venerable Ohenokobosare (the gift from God) of Benin Kingdom never held back when approached for assistance. Indeed, the folklore is that ‘’no one ever visited his home without leaving with some kind of gift from Chief Oyuki Obaseki’’.
It is evident from the tributes pouring in especially from Edo and the larger Nigerian society that Oyuki Obaseki loved life as much as he wanted others to flourish and so his gorgeous being shared generously and happily with humanity.
One could feel the kinetic energy behind the condolence messages the world of soccer as the stakeholders of the game mark the passage of the former chairman of the then Bendel Insurance Football Club, Vice President of Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) and Chairman of the Nigeria football league (NFL). Guided by his undying philosophy that every endeavor must be pursued to perfection just as he invested maximum honor in relationships and transactions with his friends and colleagues, Oyuki Obaseki devoted unequaled passion to serving the football organizations. So passionate and determined for results that he was endearingly called ‘’ moving train ‘’ in the world of soccer because he pushes unstoppably for positive outcomes.
Finally at 75, one of the noblest of Benin sons, the very definition of class and grace has bidden a final farewell to family, friends and associates. Despite the challenges of ill health which he battled with heroic determination, Chief Oyuki Obaseki never dwelt with depressed demeanor. The Lion indeed maintained his regal poise and charitable disposition to the end.

The towering tree will continue to sway from far beyond, the white eagles will guide his journey to the land of his ancestors, the roars of hope and goodwill will reverberate from the sacred mountains, Farewell, Beloved Giant of Benin heritage.
My gracious uncle J. Okhienriavbere!
Oteghe Adams

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