“If he lays with you for days and he don’t touch you, he’s gay ” – Tamar Braxton tells women

Tamar Braxton has issued a “public service announcement” concerning men’s sexuality.

Tamar Braxton has been keeping a low radar ever since she reinstigated her feud with her former The Real talk show hosts. However, this past weekend she jumped back on the radar when she dropped off a “public service announcement” for women who are with men that “don’t touch” them.

She shared a text photo with the words : “The truth is ladies that theses dudes out here really do be gay!! It aint enough money, beauty, hair, babies in the world to kee them!! They want Di**!! Peridt!! It’s nothing wrong with you, but they will find EVERY reason in the world to make you not good enough!!

“If he lays with you for 3, 4, 10 days and he don’t touch you, it’s not you!! He want a man!! And that’s on my momma.”

She captioned the post: “Public service announcement!!! Periodt!!! It’s time someone says something!!!”

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