IATA launches new programme to improve cargo handling operations

In a bid to improve cargo handling operations in line with global standards, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) has launched a new programme. The programme, which is called the Smart Facility Operational Capacity (SFOC), would reduce audit complexities and duplication for cargo handling facilities. 

According to the association, the programme entailed two aspects that include the Standardised Global Audit Programme and Committed Audit Reduction with a certification at the end of it. 

Why it matters: For IATA, the Smart Facility Operational Capacity Audit certification was introduced to assure airlines that the SFOC-certified facilities were adhering to IATA’s resolutions and recommended practices in cargo handling and with IATA’s cargo handling manual. 

“The SFOC audit certification programme aims to reduce redundant efforts across the industry by 50% by removing the need to validate generic cargo operation procedures.” The association said as quoted by Punch.

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What you should know about the SFOC programmeThere would be revisions and analysis to determine the audit standards that is needed to assess the SFOC-certified facilities as well as the ones not needed. After which, the revised audit scope is then defined through the ARC. 

Speaking on the new auditing and cargo handling programmeIATA’s Global Head of Cargo, Hughes, emphasized the importance of auditing in ensuring global standards, which in turn leads to the safe and efficient operations in the aviation industry. 

Hughes said IATA’s strong capabilities in auditing had been proved in the successful IATA operational safety audit and CEIV programmes. He added that the SFOC programme would bring the expertise to general cargo handling operations. 

About IATA: The International Air Transport Association is an umbrella body for about 290 airlines, responsible for regulating the aviation travel industry across the world. Travel agents and agencies apply for IATA certifications to demonstrate their superior qualifications.  

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