I was called anorexic while battling depression – Betty Irabor

Nigerian media personality, Betty Irabor has revealed that while battling emotional issues and depression, people shamed her for losing weight and even called her ‘anorexic’. The 63-year-old publisher and founder of Genevieve magazine urged the public to always consider that things are never really what they seem. She wrote; ”While I was battling depression and lost weight, many thought I was on a death diet & hounded me till I was ashamed to go out. ”A news daily called me anorexic. I got labelled ”snobbish” because I lost the ability to socialise… Hmmm, things are not always how they seem. Let’s be guided”. Betty previously had a column at Black & Beauty magazine, UK. She also has a foundation that promotes breast cancer awareness, early detection and treatment.

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