Barely days after Tech CompanyApple released its new line of products, ranging from the iPhone 11 series to the Apple Watch Series 5, Huawei has announced the release date of its smartwatch.

The release date slated for 19th of September was announced via company’s Twitter handle.This will be the first smartwatch that runs Huawei’s new software, the Harmony OS.

Nairametrics had previously reported when Harmony OS was introduced in August. It was launched as a backup plan in case the company needed to replace Google’s Android Operating system. 

Although Harmony OS is designed to power anything from televisions, laptops and smartwatches, to smartphones, this will be the first time the public would see the software running on any device.

Just like Apple’s, Huawei’s new smartwatch will be released alongside its new phone line-up which includes the Huawei Mate 30 and the Huawei Mate 30 Pro also running on the new Harmony OS software.

What you should know:Contrary to the reports gathered from the Chinese company that the Harmony OS won’t be on any device till 2020 as Nairametrics reported, this release date shows the software is ready to be run on various devices by the end of this month.

Will Huawei thrive against Apple?With Huawei being the biggest Chinese tech firm, it holds a reasonable share of the market just like Apple and other Android powered firms like Samsung. However, this new software which hasnever been tried before may pose a challenge for Huawei because the company previously had the Android software on its phones, smartwatches and other devices. 

Huaweiwill have a lot of work to do to be able to position itself substantially as a standalone competitor with Apple’s software iOS just as Google has done with Android over the years. It will also have to compete with Android, being that Huawei won’t be running on the Android software anymore. The chances are, however, slim that Huawei will overpower any of these company softwares any time soon.