How I Landed My First Lead Role In Nollywood – Ireti Doyle Opens Up

Popular Nigerian actress, Ireti Doyle has spoken up about how she landed her first lead role in Nollywood.

Ireti Doyle, a Nollywood actress, has recounted how she earned her first lead role in the movie industry after the lady who was cast in her place failed to show up.

The writer-cum-social commentator, whose acting career has spanned more than two decades, took to her Instagram page to narrate how “grace and not luck” had spun her into success in Nollywood.

She enjoined her fans to always make themselves ready in their chosen fields as an opportunity could present itself out of the blue.

“I had been referred to this producer by a senior colleague. I read for a minor part and got the role. A few days prior to the shoot, I was called in for a table read,” the actress narrated.

“For whatever reason, the girl who had been cast in the lead didn’t turn up. I was asked to stand-in for her. Halfway through, the producer said, ‘o boy, e like say na dis girl go play this character o!’

“And that is how I got cast in my first lead role in a Nollywood film. Name of the movie: ‘Dilemma’. Produced and directed by Theophilus Akatugba that year.

“Moral of the story? Opportunity can present itself at any time. Question is are you ready?”

In May last year, Doyle had made the headlines after Patrick Doyle, her estranged husband, took to social media to publicly apologise after admitting he was the one who “screwed up” their relationship.

Over the course of her career, she has produced her own fashion and lifestyle show while anchoring several TV shows like ‘Morning Ride’, ‘Today On STV’, and ‘Nimasa This Week’ on Channels TV.

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