How Eva Alordiah is making money through digital marketing

Nigerian rapper, entertainer and entrepreneur Eva Alordiah shares with her followers how she’s making money in a pandemic season.

The 30 year old Abuja born media personality disclosed that she started an experiment to find out what people will spend their money on currently.

Eva stated that individuals are willing to expend cash on food and basically anything that feeds their minds and spirit.

She wrote:

”I started a digital experiment when Quarantine began😷 @evaxalordiah 👈🏾

I wanted to find out if people were still spending money despite the uncertainties and recession that came with COVID 19.

Even more important than that, “What are people spending money on?” 🧐

2 weeks into this little experiment of mine in April and the results were already in.

People still have money and people want to spend their Money on Food.

Food for the Belly , Food for the Mind, Food for the Spirit.

People want to eat, study and improve their spiritual connection.

The question for you is, where does your Business fall in?

One of my Digital Marketing Businesses has recorded a huge boost in revenue at this time because people are in dire need of knowledge.

Now for you, being a super passionate and Creative person, you are going to have to ask yourself how you fit in.

My Jam is -“teach everything you know, make content, get paid”

Basically if you know something that others don’t, you can make money online teaching what you know.

To do that, you are going to need 3 things:

🧠 A social platform (YouTube, Instagram, a Blog, Facebook etc). I recommend YouTube and Instagram

🧠 You’ll need to consistently create content on this platforms so you can grow an Audience

🧠 You will need something to Sell that people need

It is all very simple when you begin to work it out and actually do the work.

Don’t let people tell you 2020 is cancelled and so take that as an excuse not to do anything.

2020 ain’t cancelled shit.
What should be cancelled is your need to relax, fold your hands and do nothing.

Every minute you spend scrolling on Instagram, someone else is making Money. I hope that someone is you.”

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