How Clevify is turning mobile devices into classrooms

Imagine a school without a classroom? 

No parent will enroll their child into a school that has no class; a room where actual learning takes place. No matter the location of the school, the beauty of its buildings, the magnitude of its resources, the logistics system, and the provision of meals, a school is incomplete without a class as the essence of school in itself will be forfeited. The classroom is the most important edifice in any school, classrooms remain the biggest manufacturing plant that has produced and is still producing the most brilliant minds; you will accede that to a sufficient scope, most of the rudimentary knowledge you have, were birthed within the four walls of a class. The basis of schooling as a center of intelligence impartation and interactions can never be watered-down but have you wondered if you could have your class follow you wherever you go?

Learning in no fixed location or time. 

Clevify is the foremost virtual classroom in Africa. Within the four walls of our classroom, you won’t need uniforms or find chairs and tables, or whiteboards, you will find over 10,000 illustrative videos for students in primary to secondary school. In our class, you will find thousands of learners from all over Africa, and meet a new genre of tutors and mentors. The lessons in the Clevify class are carefully crafted with a fun experience to assist students to learn at their pace without restriction.

Learner-centered approach 

Clevify offers a reservoir of well-researched topics, presented in just 10 minutes using illustrative videos. The lesson topics on the app emanated from a customized syllabus taking cognizance of the Nigerian, British, and American curriculum. In the lesson videos, creativity and real-life illustrations were applied to unlock the imaginative ability of learners focusing on the crux of the subject matter in a lucid manner; this teaching methodology is barely employed in classes in most schools.

Personal Learning Assistant

With the advent of the Clevify app, your classroom can virtually be everywhere you are and not just the four walls of your classroom. The app makes it possible to have fun while learning with zero stress, lesser time, no textbooks, no home tutor, no long notes, no outdated technology, and no anachronistic lesson contents. Now, learners do not have to go through this hurdle anymore as there is an app to help them scale-up.

Simplified learning is now within your reach.

With a click, learners can select a class of their choice, find subjects they want to learn, take a lesson one-step at a time, get instant reviews and feedback, take quizzes and revision tests at their pace, get assistance with their assignments, learn with friends from all over Africa and not just the ones in their class, take on challenges and get rewarded for learning and go shopping with the coins they get rewarded with to give themselves a treat after all the hard work;  that sounds more like exploring not schooling.

Well, we understand the stress of learning in an unyielding environment without the opportunity for self-expression, invention, or fun while learning. You can visit today to gain early access. The app will be ready for download from May 1st, 2020 on Google and Apple play store.

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