By Oteghe Adams

Only those without a deep knowledge of the curious history of Osagie Ize-Iyamu will be surprised about the tissues of spurious tales that the unrepentant migrant politician is weaving to qualify as a legitimate entrant into the APC.

Ize-Iyamu is a congenital liar with an ingrained penchant to climb into opportunistic situations and arenas through the back door or (sometimes) by jumping through fences.
I know Ize-Iyamu very well and he’s the kind of character who will engage in all sorts of impunity until people of good conscience with a sense of uprightness put a stop to his sinister games.

Former Vice-Chancellor, a woman of courage and dignity, Professor Grace Alele-Williams, had the foresight hence she wanted to excommunicate, to expel Osagie from the students’ community of the University of Benin in the 1980s. Among other nauseating vicious offences, Ize-Iyamu had attempted to breach the security fence of the Professor’s residence with an alleged plan to inflict physical harm on the Vice-Chancellor. This is an indisputable and inextricable part of the early life story of Ize-Iyamu and an irredeemable aspect of Ize-Iyamu’s character today.

The surreptitious twists and unwholesome privileges exerted to ultimately extricate the dangerously deviant student from the recommended firm disciplinary action is matter to be detailed in another article. Or perhaps, Ize-Iyamu, is willing to personally give a transparent account of the infamous incident since he now claims to be a pastor.

I thought earnest confession was supposed to precede genuine forgiveness. I earnestly do not know what the now respected APC chieftain, Professor Itse Sagay currently feels about Ize-Iyamu since he (Itse Sagay) headed the UNIBEN investigating panel in his days as an upright academic staff.

All said, the point is that attempting to breach fences to achieve illegitimate purposes is not a new roadmap for Ize-Iyamu. So when the counterfeit self –ascribed APC governorship aspirant said on AIT programme Democracy Today on may 28th 2020 that he ‘’joined ‘’ the APC on-line, I was not in the least surprised.

Ize-Iyamu was only putting to practice an act that is endemic in his odious political pedigree.
By his own testimony and in his own words on the television program, Ize-Iyamu was seeking again to enter the APC family home through the backdoor by breaching the legitimate party structure in a manner similar to forcefully entering his vice-chancellor’s residence in his students’ days.

Only Ize-Iyamu can embrace such a bold-faced fraudulent fiction on public television that he mysteriously discovered an online portal where APC membership could be obtained.

Did I hear someone talk about going through his Ugboko Ward in Orhionmwon local government area? No, that laid down constitutional party procedure is not meant for Ize-Iyamu as person who is soaked with obdurate arrogance and the fantasy that he is above societally and collectively scripted laws and procedures.

Consequently, for clarity, was Ize-Iyamu’s membership card generated through the “social media’’ portal?
Local and national leaders as well and conscientious members of the APC must be cognizant of the thread of prevarications and lies that Ize-Iyamu has laid out on this one particular issue because there are other areas yet to be examined .

The self-acclaimed APC aspirant has given three separate contradictory rendition regarding how he ‘’joined’’ the APC.
Ize-Iyamu on the same TV program, which is now archived for everyone to replay, said that he had initially obtained a membership card from his Ugoko APC Ward Chairman, thereafter, he switched within 15 seconds on the same program claiming that he actually registered through an online portal by way of social media to ‘’join’’ the party.

Of course, even the best of chronic liars do slip in their chicanery sometimes. So when the AIT anchor did a little intense interrogation as to why Ize-Iyamu had to seek a waiver from the party since he claimed to be a legitimate member of the APC ,‘’Kpelebe’’ , Ize-Iyamu suddenly cut a miserable and pitiful image; at that moment with the heat of the cameras, the self-delusive giant vegetated and dissolved into quibbling with nonsensical equivocations as to why he sought the waiver .

If Ize-Iyamu cannot present a straight and clean story in such a matter regarding the genesis of his membership of the APC, is he therefore the kind of person to be entrusted with the valuable resources of Edo State?

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