Gone are the days when the videos you found on the video streaming platform, YouTube were from people who talked about entertainment, news, fashion, trends, interviews and so on. Now, we have people who shoot videos while studying alone. These people are called “Study Tubers”.

Interestingly, Study Tubers, who are changing the vlogging game, are mostly teenagers. They have successfully built a huge fanbase on YouTube and other social media platforms.

The large followership they have so far built across mainstream social media channels has, in turn, earned them millions of dollars.  

According to Bloomberg, the most successful Study Tubers are Jade Bowler and Ruby Granger – two British teens with videos that have up to 1.5 million views on the video streaming platform. 

While some of these YouTube stars do revisions where they talk about various books, subjects and authors, some of them just film themselves showing what tips they use to study and how long they study. 

How Study Tubers make money: YouTubers make an average of $9.90 for 1000 views they get through advertisements. The videos are filled with Google’s automated YouTube Ads in which these advertisers pay up for every ad view of up to 30 seconds by the subscriber and then the platform takes its cut which is 45% of what is made. 

These Study Tubers also make money through collaboration with companies and meet with their fans. Companies pay them to review and advertise their products on their YouTube channels. The Study Tubers, in turn, urge their fans to patronize the brands.  

Meanwhile, other notable YouTubers making money off studying includeJack Edwards, Eve Cornell and Luchrezer Chloe, amongst others.