Here are the things Nairametrics discovered at the Lagos International Trade Fair

The Lagos International Trade Fair is more than just an avenue to exhibit products; it is an awesome experience that brings several people together to have fun. Nairametrics was part of this experience and here are the tiny details of our tour.

Gate Fee

Entry at the Trade Fair is not free. You have to pay! The first thing we got when we tried to go through the gate was a demand for a ticket pass. It was hilarious at first until we were asked us to pay for our tickets. It cost #200 per person and we even had to wait for our balance.

While we waited, we saw where the money was going. There was a stash of cash and the gate officials were cashing out fast!


At the Trade Fair, there are two types of stores. You can either opt for the roadside stores or the attractive halls. It’s a matter of visibility and choice. While we saw several products that needed trials by the roadside, we realised that businesses which dealt in exquisite products like furniture, fabric dealers, and a few others who didn’t want exposure to the sun, stuck to halls.


If you are not used to seeing clowns, the first thought that would probably come to your mind when you see any of the ones at the trade fair is to run away. But they helped to make the environment fun. They also acted as marketers and were fun to see around. They obviously took the most pictures and posed with everyone.

Huge Crowd

When you move in the crowd, you should clutch your purse very wisely. The crowd was overflowing. People were everywhere – on the way, in the halls, in the stall. You don’t want to try the walking contest. If you like to walk around, you will get tired easily. Students are not left out as some school children were seen taking a tour of the whole place.

Africa Hall

This is one intriguing hall with many interesting products, especially, Ghanaian products. We met the Ghana Export Promotion Association here and saw several unique products. We also saw charcoal made from coconut and some golf equipment which was not for sale. They wouldn’t tell us why.


Yes, the Full Gospel Businessmen Fellowship was there for consultations and laying of hands. Not everyone is interested in buying or selling stuff. A soul revival wouldn’t hurt much.


They were at every turn. Turn here, you meet them. Turn there, you encounter them. The new rave is countless plots of land selling out fast. We were offered countless times.

Products on display

Some of the products that were on display were tires, blending machines, furniture, shoes and fragrances. Also, medicines, phones, garments and cosmetics were part of the products available on display.

The prices were fair and quite affordable. One thing is sure, you will get value for your money and return with several fliers you can’t keep count. You may even meet a significant half as the spirit leads. For now, these are the little details we picked up from our little tour.

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