Has Twitter’s Jack Dorsey changed the popular narrative attached to Nigerians

In recent times, there has been news about the difficulties Nigerians experience whenever they try to get jobs outside Nigeria, especially because internationally, the perception about Nigerians is negative.

Just last week, Nairametrics reported when an IT expert, Ridwan Lawal, applied for the position of a Project Manager in the United Kingdom (UK) but got a response from the company, ENGIE, offering him a cleaning job instead.

This is why it came as a surprise when Twitter’s Co-founder, Jack Dorsey offered Nigerian tech developer, Dara Oladosu a job during his visit to Nigeria alongside other Twitter Executives.

The offer means that Oladosu would join the Twitter team to implement his platform, Quoted Replies, as a native feature on Twitter as announced by Twitter’s product Lead, Kayvon Beykpour.

“Thank you for building that bot… We need to do it and I will love for you to maybe consider joining the company and help us,” said Beykpor.

What this means: A native feature on Twitter means that users would no longer have to use the app or tag @QuotedReplies anymore, instead, there will be an icon on the Twitter App where users can easily see it and click to view quoted replies of tweets.

Oladosu’s Reaction: Oladosu was intrigued as he did not apply for the job, neither was he invited for the event that led to the offer but had gotten to the venue by chance. Speaking to CNN, he made known that it was a dream come true for him as he had longed to work for Twitter before now but had been unable to get the opportunity to do so.

“Twitter is one of my dream places to work because I have a lot of ideas that I’d like to implement, I have checked their career page multiple times in the past looking for opportunities. This is like giving me what I want on a platter of gold,” he said.

About Quoted Replies: Founded by Oladosu in 2018, Quoted Replies is a platform that allows you find all quoted replies of tweets easily on Twitter. When users type @QuotedReplies on Twitter, they automatically find their quoted replies without the stress of copying, pasting, and searching for the tweet.

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