Happy marriages are choices – Laurie Idahosa

Senior Pastor of Church Unusual in Benin City, Nigeria Laurie Idahosa has shared some tips on her page that makes a happy marriage.

18 years ago, the mum of 3 boys married the love of her life, Bishop FEB Idahosa and she constantly shares her infertility journey with everyone to encourage individuals facing such issues.

On her timeline, she wrote:

Abraham Lincoln once said… “Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be.” ❤ A happy marriage is not a product of a perfect man or a perfect woman. It is certainly not the product of enough money or ideal circumstances. A happy marriage is a choice. It is a choice you must make every single day. The choice to love, forgive, prioritize, listen… and give space when space is needed.❤ @febidahosa , Thank you for loving me right.

The lovebirds met in Benin City, Nigeria when Laurie was 13 years old; their fathers (late Archbishop Benson Idahosa and Gary Whetstone) were friends.

Feb serves as the Bishop of the headquarter branch of Church of God Mission International in Benin City. Laurie is a reverend at the CGMI. They also both work as Administrators in Benson Idahosa University, Benin City, where Feb serves as the President and Laurie serves as the Director of Campus Life. They are the Proprietors of Nathan American Academy and Big Ben Children’s Hospital.

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