1. In their show of shame and a mindless affront on democracy, the runaway members, whose seats were lawfully declared vacant after absconding from their legislative duties, have now gathered at the private residence of Ize-Iyamu to be unlawfully inaugurated.

2. There is no Clerk of the house to administer the statutory oath of office, as the Clerk has declined participation in the illegal arrangement.

3. Pastor Ize-Iyamu, who is yet to participate in the September 19 election, has now declared himself the governor and has issued a proclamation to that effect.

4. Oshiomhole, having be disgraced in Abuja for his unbridled penchant for illegalities, has now imported his illegal merchandise into Edo state.

5. Since he is not fit to trade his illegal stock in Abuja, Edo people are presently resisting his attempt to clear these goods at the custom border called Ize-Iyamu residence.

6. To this, Edo people are committed.

We will keep you updated. All is in order. God must win

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