Google signs in to Theta (blockchain) to transform the global digital economy

Google is collaborating with Theta Labs in a move to make video delivery networks more efficient through Google Cloud.

As part of the business partnership, Google is assisting Theta with its Mainnet 2.0 launch, a hard fork happening around noon Pacific time on Wednesday,” said Theta Labs’ Chief Executive Officer Mitch Liu.

Allen Day, a developer for Google Cloud, explained that the distributed ledger technology “enables new business models that potentially transform the global digital economy, including the media and entertainment industry.” 

“We look forward to participating as an enterprise validator, and to providing Google Cloud infrastructure in support of Theta’s long-term mission and future growth,” He added.)

Things you need to Know

Theta, which is blockchain-based, enables content-delivery with high-bandwidth content delivery using a decentralized system. It is a cryptocurrency with its own type of blockchain (Theta). It can also be described as the operational token of the Theta protocol. Individuals use Theta Fuel to complete transactions like interacting with or deploying smart contracts.

How to buy Theta Fuel?

Theta fuel can be bought indirectly on most cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance and Coinbase. You will need to already own an Ethereum or Bitcoin (BTC) before you can trade with it.

Google joins the likes of Gumi Cryptos, Blockchain Ventures, and Binance, as external enterprise validators that propose and confirm new blocks on the Theta blockchain. This statement defends the fact that Google Cloud is also becoming Theta Fuel preferred cloud provider with yesterday’s statement.

“YouTube is particularly interesting because they utilize mostly internally-developed technology for video delivery and streaming, which makes experimentation a lot easier without having to rely on external platforms like Akama,” Liu said.

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