No other situation represents a more disgraceful and shameful picture than to watch the fake APC governorship candidate literally latching in a stroller being controlled by the disgraced former APC national chairman Oshiomhole.

Like an infant initially admonished by a stern parent, Ize-Iyamu looks empty, awkward and confused as to how to interact with his godather.

Oshiomhole penchant for dictatorial hubris is legendary. When our courageous and determined Governor Obaseki confronted the national Bully of the APC, Oshiomhole decided to embrace an equally inordinate desperate power seeker in Ize-Iyamu.

Oshiomhole is practically the de facto and de jure Chairman and Director General of Ize-Iyamu Governorship Campaign. It is credibly verified that Oshiomhole plays an overwhelming controlling role in the APC campaign.

Oshiomhole was the architect of the idea for Ize-Iyamu to recently crawl, cringe and genuflect while being decorated with an Islamic title. The turban that was placed over the head of the fake Pastor has now become a suffocating albatross around Ize-Iyamu’s neck. But no one dare challenge the wrong-headed direction in which the supreme godfather is leading the APC campaign.

The same character who in 2016 declared that Ize-Iyamu was an irredeemable kleptomania that should not be trusted in the proximity of our collective treasury, but the godfather is today lapping and trying to sneak and fictionalize the same creature as a new baby worthy of a sacred baptism.

It does not matter what Oshiomhole tries to market about his godson, Edo electorate is determined to choose the path of progressive continuity.

There’s already perceivable tension between the godson and the godfather as Oshiomhole hardly refers to the junk ideological contraption labelled the Simple Agenda.

It is said that the godfather is trying to superimpose his own equally incoherent vision on the campaign.
The ultimacy of the basterdized matrimony between Ize-Iyamu and Oshiomhole is political perdition.

The Oshiomhole – powered stroller of fraud in which the godson is cradled will end up in the abyss of historical morass.

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