Global Coronavirus cases hit new grim milestone

Global coronavirus cases crossed the eight million mark on Monday, helped by surging cases in America, Brazil, Russia and India.

According to statistics by, the global caseload reached 8,013,963 by 09.30 GMT.

Death toll has also totalled 435,988.

However the bright side is that recoveries from the virus is now more than 50 percent of the caseload.

Recoveries stand at 4,137,614.

The U.S, Brazil, Russia and India are now the first four nations on the leaderboard, with UK making the fifth.

U.S. infections are not receding, with resurgence of the virus in states that broke the lockdown prematurely.

The number of confirmed cases in the world’s biggest economy is now 2,162,228, as at Monday morning.

Death toll is also accelerating towards 120,000, as it stands now at 117,858.

Recoveries in the U.S. is however below global average. They are 870,050, about 40 percent out of over two million cases.

Brazil now has the world’s second worst coronavirus figures, posting 867,882 cases and 43,389 deaths.

Russia is third with 537,210 cases.

There is no hope that the country of Vladmir Putin is near flattening the curve yet as it logged 8,246 cases on Monday.

India is now the world’s fourth most affected country, sweeping aside a league of European nations.

As at Monday morning, India’s caseload has reached 333,255, according to statistics

The worsening virus statistics came as China reported dozens of new cases for the second consecutive day on Monday.

The country where the virus spread worldwide late last year now fears a second wave of the pandemic.

Meanwhile in Europe, more borders have been opened ahead of the summer holiday season, as caseloads fall.

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