Four hardest punchers in boxing history: George Foreman’s list

Former undisputed heavyweight boxing champion, George Foreman has named his four hardest punchers in boxing history.

Foreman, 71, who was known as the hardest puncher in his era did not list himself as one of the four, even when he is expected to do so.

Rather, he named Joe Louis as the hardest puncher in boxing history, followed by Liston, Lennox Lewis and Mike Tyson.

Foreman did not include Deontay Wilder, who is a knockout specialist.

“Joe Louis was the hardest puncher ever; Liston make the cut as well as Lennox Lewis. Mike Tyson. Nothing special about me,” he said on his twitter page.

Foreman, who had 81 professional fight, recorded 68 knockouts and lost five times.

No one could have claimed to be the hardest puncher in boxing history than Foreman, but he humbled himself and chose others.

Joe Louis, whom Foreman claimed to be the hardest puncher had 69 fights, scoring 52 knockout and suffering three loses.

Sonny Liston, who is second, according to Foreman’s ranking had 54 fights with 39 knockouts and four loses.

Lennox Lewis had 44 fights, with 32 knockouts, losing two and one draw, while Mike Tyson, known then as the ‘baddest man’ fought 58 times, with 44 knockouts.

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