Foluke Daramola Speaks On ‘Not Being Relevant’ In The Industry Anymore

Actress Foluke Daramola has advised fellow celebrities to ensure their life is what being a motivation to other people.

According to her, the only relevance they will have left when their star has faded is the impact they had on others.

Sharing on social media, Foluke Daramola wrote:

“No matter how good and popular you think you are as a celebrity, you cannot always be the star of the moment. Old stars will always fizzle out someday and new ones will always arise for the gracing of the prevalent moments. New stars are born everyday and old stars die everyday.The most important thing, however, is that one must always remain a responsible celebrity, who can impact lives positively, and one people must always look up to as a good role model for motivation to rise to their own stardom or live responsibly to achieve their set goals for life. A celebrity is not a good celebrity, if his life cannot always motivate other people to aspire for the best they deserve from life. A celebrity does not necessarily need to impress others with his life styles and achievements always, but to inspire others also to purposeful greatness”

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