Fight against godfatherism: Odubu, Ogiemwonyi are overrated, says Orhionmwon Resistance Group

…urges both politicians to support Obaseki to redeem their image

As the June 22 date for the Edo State All Progressives Congress (APC)’s primary election draws near, thenewspanoroma has discovered a new group fighting against the overbearing influence of Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, the national chairman of the party and his cohorts.

The group is called the Resistance Movement with branches in all the 18 local government areas of the state.

Leader of the Orhionmwon Wing of the Resistance Movement, who pleaded anonymity, said they are out to expose the retrogressive politics of Oshiomhole’s foot soldiers such as Dr. Pius Odubu, the former deputy governor and Chris Ogiemwonyi, the former minister of state for works, in the council.

Sources within the APC in the state told thenewspanorama that several strategies are being fine-tuned by the resistance group to dislodge Oshiomhole’s men at the last minute.

“We are working on several strategies from legal to political. We will not wait for them to take the first steps, instead we are ahead of the Oshiomhole group. As you aware, Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyama is no match for Governor Obaseki, by any standards and for that singular reason, we will not allow the national chairman to foist a mediocre on our party.

“Ize-Iyamu claims he is a lawyer, but no Edo person or resident can point to any one landmark case that he has won in any court. Compared to an Obaseki that is highly sought after by the World Bank and other development agencies. We will not throw away a technocrat for a conman.

“We are watching the shenanigans of Oshiomhole and his cohorts and we are growing the number of people opposed to the godfather and his men by the day.

“People like Pius Odubu and Chris Ogiemwonyi are overrated. Their electoral values have nosedived drastically over their inability to develop their areas and empower their people.”

One of the leaders of Orhionmwon Resistance Movement, Mr Onaiwu Chris, said: “Odubu in particular is hated by those who worked with him when he was deputy governor. I challenge him to name ten persons whose lives he impacted positively. Instead, he compelled many of them to join one demonic cult or the other to secure their loyalty and today these people are regretting their actions.

“Odubu should be ashamed of himself. He has been used and dumped severally by Oshiomhole. Imagine an American-trained lawyer being manipulated by a mere taylor like Oshiomhole. Orhionmwon local government area is the most backward in the state.

“That is where you have the highest number of Libya returnees and those prostituting abroad. There is no university there, no electricity, good water, no polytechnic, no good public secondary school from Evbarue to Evboesi, yet this man was in the House of Representatives for eight years and later a deputy governor for another eight years.

“There is nothing on ground to show for the years Orhionmwon people made him their political leader. His own people are crossed with him and are ready to humiliate him if he takes sides with Oshiomhole this time.”

On Chris Ogiemwonyi, the group leader added: “He is also overrated just like Odubu. Ogiemwonyi cannot win his unit in an election. All the years he was at the NNPC, what did he do for Orhionmwon? Even ordinary petrol stations, how many are in Orhionmwon? How many people did he give jobs, I mean people that were qualified, made first class in the university? Let him come and tell the world”.

The leader explained: “As minister of state for works, Ogiemwonyi got the contract to dualise Benin-Abraka Road, from Benin City to Abraka in Delta State. all he did was to expand and patch the old road from 3rd East Circular junction to somewhere around Idogbo. No one knows what happened to the money budgeted for the massive project. Today it is Governor Obaseki that is dualising that same road, just as he has revamped the College of Education in Abudu, the headquarters of Orhionmwon local government area.

“So you can see that when it comes to performance and service delivery to Edo people, Obaseki is the person that Orhionmwon people know and believe in.”

According to him, “Odubu and Ogiemwonyi only have some hungry family members around them, who wash their cars and run errands for them for a few loaves of bread. They are clearly over hyped and over rated. You need to hear what these relatives of theirs say about these two men, when they are alone. Odubu and Ogiemwonyi are despised by even their relatives.”

He however urged both politicians to join strength with Obaseki to redeem their image and support the development of the state if they desire to be relevant in Orhionmwon politics in the future.

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