FBI stirs controversy over red notice on 6 Nigerians

Nigerians were unhappy with the handling of the criminal alert by the Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI) on Saturday.

The FBI, via its Twitter page, sought help in its attempt to arrest six Nigerians wanted for their involvement in ​cybercrimes.

The FBI wrote: “Help the #FBI find ​six Nigerian nationals wanted for their involvement in ​business​ email ​compromise (BEC) schemes resulting in over $6 ​million in losses. Read more about each defendant at http://ow.ly/97Dk50A9Gk8​​, and submit tips at http://tips.fbi.gov. #FugitiveFriday.”

However, Nigerians were not pleased with the fact that there were other nationals on the ‘wanted list’ but were not mentioned in the headline.

Russians, Chinese, Arabians, and other nationals were on the list according to the link provided, but only Nigerians were mentioned in the headline.

However, BBC and other news platforms also followed by placing the 6 Nigerians as the poster boys over 37 Arabians, 20 Chinese and 16 Russians.

Below are some of the reactions on Twitter:

However, the action of the FBI must have been based on the fact that the 6 Nigerians were the latest addition to the wanted list.

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