Father of Messi to meet Barcelona president Bartomeu

A meeting is planned between Barcelona President Josep Maria Bartomeu and Jorge Messi, father and agent of Lionel Messi.

According to Spanish sports paper, Marca, the meeting is scheduled for sometimes this week.

News about the meeting comes just as the iconic forward hardened his exit decision by shunning the club’s pre-season training.

But the paper is skeptical about the outcome, because both sides are so deeply entrenched in their current positions.

The newspaper reported that Messi could be penalised by the club he had spent 19 years of his career, for missing the coronavirus tests done on Sunday.

The test was to serve as a condition for Barcelona’s return to pre-season training.

As far as Messi is concerned, he is no longer a Barcelona player, having notified them he wants to go.

The report said Messi would be seen to have committed a serious offence if he shunned today’s training and then also commits a third infraction.

Reports said he was absent at the training, meaning he has committed Infraction No.2.

The infractions will violate the collective agreement of LaLiga Santander and the Association of Spanish Footballers (AFE).

His punishment would be a suspension with significant pay decreases.

“There can be up to 11 days of his salary being withdrawn or a fine of up to 25 percent of his monthly salary, whichever comes first”, Marca reported.

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