Falana laments increasing rape cases

A legal practitioner, Mrs Funmilayo Falana, has attributed the increasing rate of rape and gender based violence in the country to low report of the cases by the victims.

She also called on government at all levels to make the welfare of the people their priority, in order to reduce the dumping and abandonment of babies on the streets by their mothers.

Mrs Funmilayo, who is the wife of the human rights lawyer, Mr Femi Falana (SAN) lamented that the refusal of the victims to speak out ensured that most offenders escape prosecution, hence people continue to perpetrate the evil act.

She spoke in Iyin Ekiti in Irepodun/Ifelodun local government area of Ekiti state after donating food items and other materials to the Erelu Angela Children’s Home.

Mrs Falana during her annual event at the orphanage home fetes the children and presented to them washing machines, toys, food items among others materials.

According to her, “It is sad that rape and indecent assault in Nigeria is on the increase over the year. Merely opening register for the offender will not solve the problem.

“The real problem is in the prosecution of the offenders. If offenders are prosecuted and brought to book, it will serve as a deterrent to other would be offenders

“Lagos opened register for rape offenders three, four years ago Ekiti also opened recently. This has not really made any difference”.

On other factors responsible for the increase in the menace, she said, “In the process of prosecution, police are fond of mismanaging the cases. From the time of investigation and prosecution, rape cases are so technical such that before you know it the victim will say I don’t want to pursue the case again.

“Of a fact, many victims refuse to speak out because of the stigma attached to rape and that is the reason why the people continue to perpetrate the evil act. Only few cases get prosecuted because most of the cases are not reported.

On why some women throw their children away after birth or abandoning them at their early years, she said most mothers don’t have the wherewithal to take good care of their children saying governments must be responsive enough to provide for socio-economic needs of the people.

“Government should be more responsive to the citizenry in making life better for them. Though, throwing babies away should not be an option for any mother who is facing economic challenges.

“Section 2 of the country’s constitution stipulates that; government should provide for socioeconomic needs of its people, medical care, good roads even education.

“If the government put in place social security for the people, there will be assurance that will have something to take care of themselves and the children, so there won’t be any basis to throw away their child”.

The deputy director, Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Director, Nathaniel Adeniran and the head of the children home, Mrs Bunmi Adeosun on behalf of Ministry and state government thanked Mrs Falana for her kind gesture.

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