It is indeed true that the success of a man is in his story. And as one may have rightly thought, Bill and Melinda Gate’s billionaire story did not prove otherwise, as the wealthy couple revealed the secret of their fortunes.

In an introduction to The Goalkeepers 2019 Report — their foundation’s annual report card on the world’s progress toward the Sustainable Development Goals, the billionaire couple acknowledged that they were born in a wealthy country, saying many people do not have this privilege.

We were born in a wealthy country to white, well-off parents who lived in thriving communities and were able to send us to excellent schools. These factors, among many others, put us in a great position to be successful,” the billionaire couple was quoted.

The Gates, however, mentioned that when people are not from a wealthy background and are from a poor country, their chances of being rich is slim and their probability of being poor is high.

According to the couple, there are billions of people on the other side of these dividing lines, emphasising that for hundreds of millions of people around the world, hardship is guaranteed.

The couple also advocated for equal life across all levels.

“For a girl born in the Sahel, one of the poorest regions in the world, getting to a healthy, productive life requires overcoming hurdle after hurdle after hurdle,” they said; expressing disapproval for such a life. “We believe that’s wrong. Every person should have an equal opportunity to lead a healthy, productive life.”

What you should know: So far in 2019, the world’s second-wealthiest billionaire – Bill Gates – has earned as much as $17 billion. This is probably much more than the amount millions of Nigerians will ever be able to make in their lifetime. The Co-founder and former Microsoft’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is currently worth $106 billion, despite donating a sizable amount of his net worth to charitable course.