FACT CHECK: Has Putin released lions on Russia streets?

Social media went on frenzy on Sunday as some reports claimed that Vladimir Putin has ordered a release of around 500 lions on the streets of Russia to ensure that people remain inside their houses during the coronavirus outbreak.

Pictures and Videos of lions on a street were being circulated and a tweet also claimed that “Vladimir Putin has given Russians two options. You stay at home for 2 weeks or you go to jail for 5years. No middle ground.”

However, it has been found that this is a FAKE NEWS and no such orders have been passed in Russia.

The picture of a lion on the street is from the year 2016. It was clicked in South Africa.

Meanwhile, the claim that people will have to face a jail term of five years if they break 15-day home quarantine is also incorrect.

However, people across the world have been asked to stay indoors and move out only if there is an emergency situation due to coronavirus outbreak.

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