Facebook just rebranded, here’s why

As part of its effort to rebrand its image, Facebook has changed its popular blue logo. The company said there was a need to change its logo in order to show people that it owns Instagram, WhatsApp, and Oculus.

The blue logo will remain the logo for the social network and mobile application as the new logo is for the company itself.

About the new logo: The company’s new logo features a new, generic-looking, all capitalised design. It also features a shifting colour scheme that includes Instagram’s signature colour, and Whatsapp’s green tint.

According to the Chief Marketing Officer of the company, Antonio Lucio, Facebook introduced the new logo to help users distinguish between the Facebook company and the Facebook app.

Lucio also made known that the company would bring other features to the apps while hinting that it had contemplated changing the entire company name.

“Over the coming weeks, we will start using the new brand within our products and marketing materials, including a new company website, For example, the bolder ‘from FACEBOOK’ branding will appear at the bottom of the Instagram login screen and settings menu.

“We had to consider all options but decided that it was important to keep the company name. We always have been and will continue to be Facebook. It was important to retain the company’s name in order to own what we stand for, the decisions we make, our responsibility to people, and how our brands relate to each other,” Lucio said.

What this means: Facebook’s new move is probably a way of washing off the backlash it received from different countries over privacy breaches.

It can also be a way to feed its ego as there were reports that Mark Zuckerberg was unsatisfied with the credit Facebook got for owning Instagram and WhatsApp because most people were not aware.

Also, Facebook has been steadily increasing its control over WhatsApp and Instagram. Zuckerberg disclosed earlier this year that he planned to merge the underlying infrastructure behind Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp to enable messaging between the three services.



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