Edo State PDP Must Embrace the Pristine Opportunity Inspired by the Leadership of Governor Obaseki – Oteghe Adams

An Edo State PDP Chieftain , Oteghe Adams has called on all stakeholders and members of the party for a sober and foresighted assessment of the democratic reconstruction initiatives being proposed by Governor Godwin Nogheghase Obaseki for the party in the state.

Oteghe Adams said in a solidarity message sent to the Unity Rally of PDP Oredo Ward 4 in Benin on Wednesday that the PDP has a ” rare and historic opportunity for an organic vibrant metamiohorsis into a more formidable and respectable political structure if the roadmap laid out by the Governor is adopted .”

The party chieftain remarked “the vision of grassroots ‘ reconstruction, democratic integration and cohesive harmonization of the party affairs which are the highlights of the Governor’s current initiatives”, will enhance the party’s electoral viability and prestige as a premier ruling party in Nigeria’s South-South region.
The chieftain urged the party members not to allow themselves to be divided by forces of retrogression, stagnation and mistrust against the agenda of unity and brighter future that the Governor was projecting. ” When we marched into the 2020 gubernatorial election, we did so holding each other’s hands and standing shoulder to shoulder with a unity of purpose to demolish the APC political forces, we cannot now afford to squander the societal gains which our victory engenders because of individual opportunistic schemes “. the party chieftain appealed.
Hon. Adams observed in the message that ” Edo PDP leaders should now embrace a vision larger than their individual ambitions and to see Edo State as the arrowhead of the PDP in South-South Nigeria “
Hon. Adams concluded the message with a declaration that henceforth ” the Umbrella can no longer be seen as the mere symbol of a political party, but also the inspiring insignia of a new paradigm of governance that shields its citizenry from the rainy storms of socio-economic deprivations.”

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