Alhaji Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Jagaban of Borgu, you ought to be the very last person to ask citizens of any State in Nigeria not to vote for any other. Especially when your godson Oshiomhole has buried godfatherism in Edo State. You have always claimed to be democratic and even talked about it in your recent broadcast, supposedly to the people of Edo State. What qualifies you to advise Edo citizens and residents? Are you from Edo State, or what is your stake in Edo? Our resources?

On your claim of being father of democracy and having fought for democracy, please remember you belonged to NADECO alongside Oyegun, Fayemi, Ndubusi Kanu and many others, and you were not the arrowhead. You ran away to stay alive. All who stayed back in the country, in the face of near fascism and threat of death, paid more price than you, you were quick to disappear. So please enough of you having fought for democracy. It is grand delusion referring to yourself as father of democracy. You are not and you never was. You are one person we would like to respect, but your recent broadcast leaves much to be desired. You are absolutely free to campaign for your party, but we expect words of wisdom from a supposed elder statesman. We expect you to market your preferred choice and not to cast aspersions on Gov. Godwin Obaseki.

Your claim of having fought for democracy is neither here nor there as you have contributed immensely in destroying this country. Your APC government you foisted on this country is yet to deliver on any of her promises to the electorate. If you are truly a democrat, you will not keep quiet in the face of gross insecurity in your Southwest homestead. You have kept quiet for selfish reasons, but there is tomorrow and the youth will definitely ask questions.

Your endorsement of godfatherism is out of sync with realities on ground in Edo. We have moved on since Oshiomhole buried godfatherism in Edo State. We cannot be retrogressing years after independence from godfatherism.

Coming to your Lagos State, it is nothing but a glorified slum. You must be regretting your eight years of stewardship, plus another twelve years you insisted on your preferred candidates in Alausa; totaling twenty years, that only succeeded in producing a slum despite the State’s huge internally generated revenue. We plead you rather concentrate on Sanwolu to rebuild Lagos. Or when you look at Lagos, are you happy with her state of decay?

Please face the South West you have destroyed and try to rebuild your acceptance by your people, who have lost confidence in you. Cast your mind back to the last governorship election in Lagos State. Was it free and fair? Be honest with yourself, if you had allowed Igbo votes to count, would your godson have emerged? What of Osun State?

On a last note, we are happy with Obaseki, and I urge our people to vote for Obaseki on 19th September, 2020. Control your people, if you must control any. I do not know if you are a good student of history, but can we subtly remind you that Midwest Region was created as the nation’s Fourth Region in the ’60’s, after a referendum. We are wise enough to know what we want, and it is not the overbearing influence of godfathers. Anyway, your broadcast was made in Lagos and for your Lagos people. We don’t need your brand of politics in Edo just as we don’t need to remind you that Edo is not Lagos.

In God I trust,
Senator Ehigie Uzamere.

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