President Muhhamadu Buhari at the weekend has vow to ensure that the election in Edo State will justify his battle against corruption in the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC)

“My attention has been drawn to various issues and arrangements to rig the Edo State election through me. I am not INEC staff and I am not voting in Edo State how can I determine a winner from an election I have no stake about? Those using my name as a back up to rig an election will be fish aout before the election.”

Nigerians are all aware that I will never support rigging of any election. In Akwa-Ibom I was the first to congratulate the opposition winner. I have never descriminate because we are all Nigerians despite party differences.

“The president is not the ones to select leaders for the people in a Democracy. We took an oath of office to defend democracy and the greatest defense for Democracy is free fair and transparent election Buhari added.

President Buhari who was speaking during a meeting with Former President Good luck Jonathan assures the former President that he will do everything within his capacity to ensure that the people of Edo State are allowed to determine who becomes their governor.

He promise former president Good luck Johnathan that he will not take his sacrifice for democracy for granted.

“You have laid a democratic foundation in Nigeria and the only way to appreciate your good efforts for this country is to continue to uphold an election that is devoid of rigging.”

“I am a product of free, fair and transparent election and I will not support rigging or encourage it.”

” I have warned relevant stakeholders both in my private and public interactions with them that the voters vote must count. All the aspirants are all Nigerians therefore I cannot stand in support of any candidate as a father figure of the nation. This is my stance and that will continue to be my watch world in the Edo State Governorship Election President Buhari assures Jonathan.

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