Edo Assembly: Constitutional lawyer urges Senate C’ttee to be guided by laws …says world is watching activities of senators

A constitutional lawyer, Barrister Adaze Andrew Emwanta, has called on the members of the Senate Committee on the resolution of the issues at the Edo State House of Assembly to be guided by the provisions of the Nigerian Constitution.

Emwanta said the world is watching every step being taken by the committee members and advised them to shun overtures from Abuja politicians that may want to hijack the committee’s work.

Emwanta said: “I urge the distinguished members of the Senate Committee set up to investigate the issues at the Edo House of Assembly to do a thorough job and rely on the Nigerian Constitution in carrying out their assignment.”

He described the assignment “as an opportunity for the senators to etch their names in history and to defend the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.”

He added: “If the senators do what is right, posterity will remember them and celebrate them even to their great grand-children, but if they allow themselves to be used by an aspiring godfather and power monger, history will document and replay such unholy role in the Edo Assembly saga.

“Edo people expect the Senate Committee to be cold to emotions and proffer wise counsel that will reinforce the respect Nigerians have for the upper chamber of the National Assembly.”

The constitutional lawyer, noted: “Edo people are aware of the pressure that some Abuja politicians are mounting on the senators. But we expect the senate committee members to avoid anything that could colour their assignment, human or material.”
According to him, “Today, with the internet and the force of social media, our actions and inactions can now be documented with so much ease and replayed from time to time.

“Edo people expect our distinguished senators to toe the path of honour and speak truth to power.”

Recall that the recommendations of the House of Representatives Committee on the Edo Assembly issues, elicited negative reactions as several eminent Nigerian lawyers denounced calls by the House of Representatives Committee, on the police to take over the Edo Assembly.

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