The national chairman of All Progressive Congress (APC), Adams Oshionmhole, is famed for garrulous recklessness in a manner approximating conditions of one suffering from verbal diarrhea. Oshiomhole’s addiction to egotistic effusions and sometimes clownish bombasts is now regrettably legendary. It was indeed Oshiomhole’s proclivity for arrogant posturing and vain gloriousness that has been largely responsible for the declining public admiration and the high risks that the APC confronted in the 2019 General Election. Oshiomhole through risky hubris has been more of a liability than an asset to the APC thus far.
Despite Oshiomhole’s loud but patently false claims, President Buhari was the major catalyst for his own success at the Presidential Election. What Oshiomhole did in the 2019 electoral contest, was that the APC national chairman displayed a woeful deficit of organizational capacity massaged with egotistic ambitions. Up till this moment nearly six months after the election, Oshiomhole, is yet to find the noble humility to exhibit appropriate sobriety in reflecting over his miserable performance and the legacy of colossal electoral disasters of which he was the ignoble architect across the country. The endearing structure of the sacred covenant for a new Nigeria that historic APC leaders assiduously labored for and diligently constructed is collapsing tragically under the unconscionable mess that Oshiomhole represents. Increasing population of cheerful enthusiasts and faithful members of the APC all over Nigeria are weeping for their Beloved Party.
Rather than engage in the art of redemption for healing as a venerable political leader would have done, Oshiomhole , has now besieged his home front ( Edo State) with seeming internecine crisis. But such regressive conduct is not totally surprising because Oshiomhole is a deeply flawed character with steadily diminishing redemptive qualities. A man who deliriously fantasizes of himself as a kind of Emperor, the APC national chairman descended into the sickening dimension of generating crisis in the Edo House of Assembly. In the despicable model of an inordinately ambitious and self-seeking politician, Oshiomhole , an ex-governor of Edo State, created a faction among the elected members of the all APC House of Assembly. Very clearly in an act of utter desperation to create an avenue for continuous exercise of dubious influence against the state governor, Oshiomhole was prepared to go to any length in ensuring that he enthroned a weak –minded lackey as the Speaker of the Edo House of Assembly. Fortunately for the sake of progress of our state, the sinister plot by Oshiomhole to invent a remote control APP over the affairs of Edo State through his hand-picked Speaker has dissipated into a catastrophic misadventure.
Rather than seek the path of honor following his failed anti-people political endeavor, Oshiomhole turned himself into the host of a miserable uncaring minority of the elected House of Assembly members who have become a class of over- pampered exiles in Abuja. Then in what will be chronicled as one of the most unconscionable attempt at power grab by an ex-governor, Oshiomhole and a handful of other soulless surrogates sought to misuse the powers of the national assembly to subjugate and colonize the Edo State House of Assembly .Representative Julius Ihonvbere ( if he can be so legitimately referenced as an honorable representative by his constituency) in collaboration with other odiously lawless characters shamelessly attempted to push through a motion for the House of Representatives to take over the affairs of Edo House of Assembly . Oshiomhole was unquestionably desperate as he rushed a faction of vulnerable lawmakers to railroad the National Assembly in the attempt to seize control of Edo State House of Assembly. But for the strategic resistance organized by faithful APC leaders and patriotic-minded Edo people, Oshiomhole would have created a situation where Edo State House of Assembly would have become a mere extension of his illegal political theatre in Abuja. Our venerable constitutional second arm of government would have been denigrated to an inconsequential playground of a coven of political gamblers whose sole inordinate ambition is the crude acquisition of power and not service to the people. These philosophical and political models of thought qualitatively differentiate and distinguish Governor Godwin Obaseki from Adams Oshiomhole. And that will be the verdict of History.
As believers in the Rule of Law and not the tenets of political bullying, the duly inaugurated members of Edo house of Assembly took steps to seek judicial interpretation and pronouncement of the courts. And very soundly, a Federal High Court sitting in Port Harcourt declared that the proclamation of the 7th Assembly as issued by Governor Obaseki was legitimate and proper. The legitimacy or otherwise of the inauguration of the 7th Assembly in which Hon. Okiye emerged as the Speaker has been the supposed main grouse for which Oshiomhole’s rabble has been generating political heat in the state. Indeed, the Federal High Court also pointedly noted that contrary to the fraudulent demand that Governor Obaseki should issue a second proclamation, the court unequivocally stated the Governor would be committing illegality if he went ahead to issue a second proclamation. Significantly notable was also the position of the court that the National Assembly lacked jurisdiction to seize the powers of the Edo State House of Assembly.
Unfortunately, instead of showing due respect for the judicial pronouncement, the national chairman of the ruling party and his minions have continued their censorious assaults on the integrity of a duly constituted State House of Assembly. The conduct of Oshiomhole, and his ignoble henchmen unarguably constitute a threat to constitutional Democracy and peace in the state. The conscientious people of Edo State and the jury of history will adjudge these trying moments in our political chronicles as one characterized by egregious and unconscionable attempt to twist and contaminate the will and determination of our geo-political entity.
Oshiomhole’s engendered crisis is aimed at obstructing and derailing the momentum of progress and revolution that the people of Edo State are witnessing under Obaseki’s infrastructural, education, youth employment, social empowerment and agricultural initiatives. Oshiomhole is fighting, Obaseki is working. Nearly 15, 000 trained and retrained teachers, Benin Technical College undergoing reconstruction, new technical colleges in Irrua , Igueben , Igarra, Uhunmwode will soon resume, 77,000 youths have been data-based and organized for job prospects, nearly additional 1,500 hectares of farmland have been mapped in preparation for agricultural activities and agro-enterprises just as Obaseki’s government has put in place a world-class production center and Industrial Park to facilitate entrepreneurial economic activities.
These efforts by Governor Obaseki are vital parts of the agenda that the runaway lawmakers now hibernating in an Abuja Hotel were elected to help advance. Nearly six months after their electoral mandate, the legislators-elect have continued to abandon their duties and consequently violated their political covenant with the people. Edo masses and the judiciary have spoken, it is now time for those who were so elected to courageously stand and proclaim the side of history on which they stand; the legislators-elect must now answer to their constituents as to how long they intend to gamble with their mandates by toying with the political destinies of the people while idling and hanging out in luxury Abuja hotels. The day will come, another round of election will come the voters will not forget and perhaps , they may not forgive.


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