Apparently living to their nomenclature of being designated the ‘Lions and Tigers’ of the APC, some thugs who are part of the campaign train of the Edo APC’s gubernatorial candidate Alhaji Ize Iyamu have mercilessly attacked the head of the kitchen of the Iyamu’s household over dispute in the sharing of food.

It was gathered that trouble started when Alhaji Ize Iyamu returned to his home in Benin City after conclusion of his campaign yesterday alongside some party leaders and some party members who had accompanied him on the trip. The said cook one Mrs Sarah Odiase had instructed some personal stewards attached to the house of the EPM candidate to share some limited amount of food to the returning party members with strict instructions from Madam Idia Ize Iyamu to distribute the food to only party leaders who returned with her husband.

This decision was said to have infuriated some famished party thugs who felt shortchanged at being left out of the distribution and they subsequently vented their spleen on the unfortunate said cook Mrs Sarah Odiase and some of her stewards who were thoroughly manhandled and subsequently beaten by the furious ‘lions and tigers’ leading to the hospitalization of Mrs Odiase, while some of the food items were destroyed in the ensuring fracas by the marauding hooligans.

This ugly incident only confirms what is in the public domain before now, an earlier report over an alarm raised by the wife of the EPM Candidate Idia Ize Iyamu who was said to have been displeased over the sudden take over of her home by weed smoking party thugs and hoodlums who continually turn her home into a perennial drinking spot and a bizarre confluence area of petty touts and miscreants, noting that this continually rubs off on the already mutilated personality of her husband who is an ordained pastor of a popular church in Nigeria and had threatened to move out of her matrimonial home if the situation continues unchecked.

The condition of the said cook Mrs Odiase at the hospital remains precarious as at the time of filing in this report and we enjoin Edo people to pray for her quick recovery.

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