It is now beyond any doubt that the APC National Chairman, Adams Oshiomhole, is determined to corrode the sacred bond that binds Benin people of the South geopolitical Senatorial Zone of Edo State.

The miserably penurious Oshiomhole, whose rise to the state’s governorship in 2008 was catalyzed with the outstanding help of Benin individuals , is today reciprocating the historic noble gesture with gross ingratitude. Not surprisingly, although with painful reflection, Oshiomhole is being actively enabled in his unconscionable assault against Benin heritage and solidarity by a coterie of mindless power hungry surrogates and collaborators of the APC national chairman.

It is vexatious to the point of depression to watch someone of Oshiomhole’s specie now dictating the tune to which supposedly great Benin sons are tap –dancing, somersaulting and genuflecting.

For the concerned Benins who have fallen so low in their self-worth, they are perhaps unconscious of how high that we as a people have risen throughout history.

Although very notably among Oshiomhole’s lobotomized surrogates is the non APC member seeking to become the party’s gubernatorial candidate; particularly for this deviously self-interested character, the pride and glory of Benin heritage can be easily sacrificed on the ‘ Iyamoh’ altar of political opportunism.

Oshiomhole is systematically setting ablaze the fabric in which the umbilical cord of Benin people is wrapped, the stranger that was magnanimously allowed into the sanctum of our lives now seek to dominate our existence and dictate our political destiny.

The Esama of Benin kingdom, Chief Gabriel Igbinedion was one of the earliest financiers whose resources kick-started Oshiomhole’s rise to governorship. The ex-governor literally spent his entire 8 years in office attempting to denigrate Chief Igbinedion and to submerge the noble-minded patrician in scandals.

‘’Pastor’’ Ize-Iyamu’s entire socio-economic and political existence right from his days as a hopeless jobless youth was entirely catered for by the Esama’s family. Ize-Iyamu will previously enthusiastically count himself as an adopted son of the Igbinedion lineage. But today, and let Benins take a very sober note, Ize-Iyamu has in an epic display of betrayal turned to eagerly embrace Oshiomhole, the very man that attempted to viciously traumatize the life of Chief Igbinedion.

The quintessential issue here is not the story of the individual and the seeming isolated nature of the Igbinedion/Ize-Iyamu matter, but the larger emblematic character of the pandemic traitor that Ize-Iyamu is. When it comes to the lust for power and greed, Ize-Iyamu will collaborate to any extent to betray the collective aspiration of the Benins.

Ize-Iyamu betrayed the Igbinedions , but he has also been a traitor to the economic interests of Benin people as a Secretary to the Edo State Government. One can only imagine the nightmare of what Ize-Iyamu will do if he were to emerge as the governor of our state, the ‘’ Pastor’’ will very quickly dispatch Benin people back to the slavish regime of economic and political Philistine.

Oshiomhole is seeking to provoke Benin elites against one another, to cultivate ingrained seeds of animosity and distrust between societally respected and accomplished individuals, then to consequently ‘divide to rule or ruin’ the vital political Benin leadership class.

Benin leadership must therefore be exigently awakened to understand the abominable matrimony between the two disgusting low-pedigreed canine-like characters with similar debilities for greed and power.
It is the historic and inalienable obligation of the current generation of Benin political leaders to vehemently reject the perfidious conjugation between Oshiomhole and Ize-Iyamu ; the Benin global nation cannot and should not helplessly watch while Oshiomhole strategically plants political explosives at the heart of our cultural solidarity and proud heritage.

The collaborators in Oshiomhole’s war against the Benins will soon learn the bitter and humbling lesson that those who sow winds will ultimately harvest whirlwind.

Edo yuma, emwin okpa re Edo eko.

Oteghe Adams
Benin-City, Edo State

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