The people of Edo State have once again displayed their sense of collective pride and the capacity to simultaneously rally as an indivisible team against attempts to dominate and diminish their role for independent construction of their own political destiny.

The energy of resistance, against the dictatorial hubris and the repugnant intrusion of the Abuja/Oshiomhole APC deviants has been perceivable everywhere on Edo streets in recent times. One could in the past few weeks directly feel the powerful spirit of revulsion of Edo people against the deadly game of impunity which a tiny fraction of Oshiomhole-polluted National Working Committee was playing against the popular will of the people.

Governor Obaseki in responsibly feeling the pulse of Edo citizenry positively responded to the demands of the people’s assembly by joining the PDP on Friday.
The Governor’s decision to pick the membership card of the PDP yielded a resounding ovation and celebration approximating euphoria across the three senatorial zones. The feeling among the people was that the Governor had displayed enough patience, maturity and dignity trying to bring sanity to the thinking of a delusive and power drunk coterie under the misdirection of Emperor Oshiomhole.

Perhaps, to the surprise of the decadent entrenched political class in Abuja APC national secretariat and Benin/Ugbor gang annex of the inimical political theatre, Edo people have fired a clear signal foretelling the pattern of peaceful constitutional rebellion that unconscious political leaders of Oshiomhole’s kind of deficient extraction may henceforth face in the country.

Edo citizenry rose gallantly to the challenge posed by internal and external forces opposed to Governor Obaseki’s second term. While the regressive political class celebrated the fraudulent result of the illegal APC Screening Committee, there was a spontaneous evolvement of a united peoples’ assembly creating a movement with the resolution and chant that Governor must and should quickly reject the diabolical disqualification imposed on his second term aspiration.

The people of Edo State who are the ultimate repository of power in a Democracy were waiting anxiously for the Governor to unveil the roadmap out of the sinking and chaotic APC. Governor Obaseki gave an enviable leadership response to Edo people on Friday ,by articulately and summarily declaring, that the “journey of Edo people towards the Promised Land will no longer pass through the Red Sea in the form of Oshiomhole’s APC’’

For the people of Edo State, the only agenda that is consequential is the guarantee that Governor Obaseki will be availed another 4 years as the period for the consolidation of the flourish of his socio-economic accomplishments. Hence, those whose lives have been positively impacted by the progressive economics and social agenda of the Governor were not going to allow themselves to be drowned and suffocated out by the sinister drama of the factional NWC of APC.

The voices of Edo people both from the political and non-political class have been defiantly vibrant in rejecting what they considered as an attack against Edo people in the way that the popular and performing Governor of the state was being politically assaulted by the factional APC NWC.

Edo people have reenacted the enchanting pedigree of their historical political endowments which dazzlingly comes to the fore in moments requiring unambiguity of action. In the old Bendel and later Edo State, the people rallied round Late. ( General) Samuel OgbemudIa based on his glowing achievements. All through his tenure, Late Professor Ambrose Alli was adulated and respected by Bendelites. And now in the present circumstance,Edo people have resolved to honor the Covenant with Governor Nogheghase Obaseki .

The message is unmistakable: Edo people have spoken loud and clear; they are prepared to travel further together with Governor Obaseki on the PDP platform that the accomplished Governor has mounted. Edo people’s march for Obaseki has been activated; the momentum will be unstoppable.


  1. Engr Braimoh
    21st June 2020 - 7:20 am

    Non obaseki no governon in Edo state is a goal 4+4

  2. Engr Braimoh
    21st June 2020 - 7:21 am

    Obaseki all the way

    4+4 is a deal done


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