The essential and durable metrics for gauging successful political leadership is not defined by fictionalized social media orchestrated applause, rather, genuine acknowledgement of worthy service to the people is, historically concretized on the indelible chronicles of societal development accomplishments.

It is therefore insightful to watch the qualitative difference, in the approaches of those who have sacrificed all modicum of honor in their supposed quest for Edo 2020 governorship as against the dignified poise of the incumbent, especially in the trying times of the current pandemic.

This is not the time to call out persons who have shamelessly and eternally etched their names on the statute of dishonor and the edifice of opprobrium in the scramble for a non-vacant governorship seat; the patriotic and humane energies of Edo people in contemporaneous pandemic times should be devoted to ensuring that the impact of the coronavirus is effectively minimized and contained in the state. And without any shred of doubt, the mass majority of Edo citizenry are irreversibly resolved to actualize the covenant of progressive continuity with Obaseki’s administration in the post pandemic period and in the election ahead.

History and Providence have made a choice that is being embraced by Edo citizenry based on credible and enviable performance of the incumbent.

From his remarkable strides through a series of timely actions to combat the novel virus along with earlier efforts of the administration in outstanding primary health care initiatives, Governor Obaseki has elevated the understanding that the vibrant health of Edo people is directly proportional to increasing wealth of the citizenry.

The situation of the pandemic unequivocally establishes one of the several instances of difference with distinction between the vegetative club of the governorship dreamers and the incumbent. While the political gang saw the ravages of coronavirus as an opportunity for scoring cheap political points, Governor Obaseki was busy quietly evolving a state-of-the art 300 bed Stella Obasanjo Hospital in Benin as isolation center for Covid-19 patients. Would it not be a rare gesture of political nobility, for someone in the ragtag pack of aspirants, to organize a visit to the enviable Stella Obasanjo Hospital and, therefore, join Edo people in telling the world of our collective pride in the enviable medical facility?

All across the various senatorial zones in such places as Auchi, Irrua and Benin, the government has fortified healthcare facilities to serve as dependable fortes in combating Coronavirus and to save the lives of Edo people from the deadly pandemic. With the training of over 4,200 health workers and the screening of more than 40,000 persons for Coronavirus, Obaseki is competently leading the war against Covid-19.

Edo people are well sophisticated to be able to assess political leaders that are committed to the enhancement of the conditions of their existence. Just as in the case of his tireless efforts in battling the virus, Governor Obaseki has equally in the past three years re-energized socio-economic life in the inner cities across the state through refurbishment of long abandoned roads and the construction of new ones linking towns and villages. Farmers and small agricultural commodity traders are celebrating the changes to their fortunes with the road development.

As a visionary with avowed commitment, the Governor has placed emphasis on preparing Edo children for competiveness in the evolving terrain of the 21st Century as education is one of the key indices for determining societal development. This reasoning is at the core of the nationally celebrated Edo Basic Education Sector Transformation, EDO-BEST.

Parents and families of children in Edo public schools are very cognizant of the giant educational strides by the administration, hence they joined in the acknowledgement of the, 2019 Best Governor Award, honoring, Godwin Obaseki, by the national apex of the Nigeria Union of Teachers.

There’s too much at stake for the people of Edo State in the 2020 contest as they project into the potentials and the gains of progressive continuity with an incumbent Governor who has obviously delivered on his 2016 electoral promises .The perceptive and cautious electorate of Edo State, will not engage in the risky gamble of embracing glistering fanciful promises of better governance, especially in view of the antecedents and questionable profiles of some of the supposed governorship aspirants .

Oteghe Adams

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