It takes a frightening measure of delusion simultaneously wrapped in a sinister personality for anyone to be currently parading himself, as the winner of a 2020 Edo State APC primary nomination contest, when there was no such exercise in actuality and reality.

To assume that a legitimate nomination exercise took place on 22nd June 2020 can only be the figment of a political virus-contaminated imagination. But parading himself as the flag bearer of a fictional primary nomination exercise is exactly what Osagie Ize-Iyamu is currently doing.

The purveyor of delusion, the perpetual salesman of worthless and dubious electoral glittering objects, is again on the road hawking his valueless wares. One is almost tempted to seek the advertisement of a Caveat Emptor inscription on the collective political wall of Edo Land, warning the people and the voters to be very cautious of the new gospel according to the ‘’Pastor’’.

The devious temerity to distribute the dope of hope is a constant feature of, Ize-Iyamu, in desperate political times, as he has done throughout his ignoble political career. One of the major reasons why Ize-Iyamu was ‘’forced’’ out of the PDP was that the party was being suffocated by the weight of manifest deception being perpetrated by its disgraced 2016 gubernatorial candidate.

While the abominable political matrimony between the two low-pedigreed canine-like characters, Oshiomhole- Ize-Iyamu undoubtedly hastened the departure of the ‘’Pastor’’ from the PDP, but a large majority of the PDP membership in Edo State were already sickened by the duplicity of their supposed party chieftain.

Apart from Ize-Iyamu’s tiny fraction of the PDP which maintained a diabolical stranglehold on the rest of the party, it was indisputable that the interest and growth of the PDP was selfishly submerged for the advancement of POI’s inordinate ambition. PDP merely provided the veil for POI’s opportunism. It was widely known that Ize-Iyamu was never a genuine 2016 PDP governorship candidate either by the way he emerged or the manner he supposedly contested for the office.

Ize-Iyamu, as a character who is congenitally, although, without realistic basis, sunk in the fantasy planet of emerging as Edo State Governor has migrated to the APC with the same disease for which he was widely despised in the PDP. And regrettably, the aspirant has a co- political conspirator who shares the advanced debilitating symptoms of the same virus .

No matter the intensity of the political acrobatics in which Oshiomhole- Ize-Iyamu performing masquerade group is engaged, the irreversible fact remains that the so-called primary exercise that produced, Ize-Iyamu, is incurably and perpetually flawed. The then acting National Chairman of the party Victor Giadom had clearly informed INEC prior to the scheduled gubernatorial primary that the APC would send a proper notification for its governorship primary. Thus, the charade and the circus of 22nd June was unarguably and irredeemably a non-event.

But till date, Ize-Iyamu, recklessly dwells in his perchance for impunity and delusively hopes to reap bountiful harvests from a barren and uncultivated land. That, Ize-Iyamu, seeks to gallivant and parade himself as a legitimate governorship candidate of the APC is not the least surprising.

The entire life’s mindset and philosophical worldview of the political migrant is oxygenated through umbilical tissues inextricably linked to the cradle of things surreptitious and sordid.

Thus, Ize-Iyamu, being grossly deficit in compunction of conscience cannot see the obligation of being truthful and plain with his flimsy pack of supporters about the tragic futility of their efforts from the onset.
The man who for years ensured the vegetative suffocation of the PDP is gradually scribbling the mournful fate of the APC.

It shall be the historic obligation of Edo State electorate to ultimately seal the death certificate of APC and its fake governorship ‘’aspirant’’, Ize-Iyamu on 19th September.

Oteghe Adams wrote from Benin-City,

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