Edo 2020: Head of Obaseki family, Elders’ Council, other family members endorse Governor for 2nd term

The Obaseki family of Benin Kingdom has endorsed their son, Governor Godwin Obaseki, for a second term in office, citing his laudable people-oriented projects and programmes, which must be allowed to continue.

Members of the Obaseki family that attending the meeting as well as those represented are: Pa George Obaseki, Okaegbe; Joseph Obaseki, Secretary; Eki Obaseki, Assistant Secretary; Mr. Felix Obaseki, Elder; William Gaius Obaseki;  Deacon Felix Osaghae Obaseki; Pastor Idada Efe Obaseki; Robert Obaseki; Ewere Obaseki; Evangelist Osamede Obaseki; Pullen Ikuoyemwen Obaseki; Engr. J.O. Obaseki; Isaac Obaseki and Anthony Ibieague Obaseki.

At the meeting held in Benin City on Monday, August 10, 2020, the family head (Okaegbe), Pa George Obaseki, said they are very proud of their son for his indelible and widely acclaimed achievements in office.

In the statement issued at the meeting and read by Pastor Eki Obaseki, the Assistant Secretary, the family said: “The Obaseki family has a well set up administrative structure. It is structurally divided into Okaegbe, the Elders in Council, Secretary and the Ibieguae. 

“Press statements are issued when the need arises, especially on family matters and events, and such matters are authorised by the family hierarchy and signed by designated signatories, including the family head (Okaegbe) and the family secretary.

“Any press statement which is not authorised by the constituted authority and signed by a bunch of non-bonafide derailed Obasekis should be discountenanced.”

The family added: “This statement is issued by order of the Elder’s Council of Obaseki family to dispel recent social insinuations and to kindly guide the general public on any such grossly erroneous captions in future.”

They added that the history and development of Benin Kingdom cannot be complete without reference to the contributions of the Late Agho Obaseki, the lyase of Benin.

“Godwin Nogheghase Obaseki is a descendant of the Great Chief Agho Obaseki and he has taken the footsteps of his grandfather by contributing meaningfully to the development of Edo State. Without mincing words, he has contributed both politically, socially and economically to the development of Edo State,” the family said.

Noting that the governor has been a good ambassador of the family, they said, “As a governor and a son of the Obaseki family, we are very proud of him for his indelible and widely acclaimed achievements in office as evidenced by his numerous people-oriented projects and programmes, designed to lift the state to an enviable height.

“Thus as a result of the fore-going, the entire Obaseki family endorses him for a second term so as to enable him come back to complete the above developments.”

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