Dr. Sid no longer interested in music, establishes sport business, ‘E-Sport and Game’

Nigerian singer, Sidney Esiri, better known by his stage name, Dr. Sid, is wrapping up work on the establishment of his business venture, E-Sport and Game, that will reduce his dependence on revenue from music and replace his fading interest in music.

The venture was inspired by his love for games, as he’s a self-acclaimed gamer. This is part of his 5 years plan, Nairametrics learnt in a recent interview Dr. Sid granted to ‘The Whole Truth’ show on Accelerate TV.

The Mavin Records artist admitted that he used to think music was a necessity and his only source of income. According to Dr. Sid, he once felt there was a need to release a hit song constantly in order to put food on his table but he now thinks otherwise, as such thinking limited his creativity.

Making a livelihood through E-Sport: The singer disclosed that he had several ideas and concept that could become a goldmine in time with the right nurture, “I drew up a plan for next four, five years and things I want to achieve. The first one I’m working on now is E-Sport and Games. Because I’m an average gamer, I’m passionate about it.

“I believe whatever you do, you must be passionate about it if not, it’s going to feel like work. I’m passionate about gaming so I say fine, E-Sport doesn’t exist in Nigeria, let’s build an ecosystem, met up with stakeholders in the industry, we came together, formed an association, E-Sport Nigeria.

“I’m the Vice President, I have an E-Sport team and an E-Sport company called ‘Citizen Gaming’. I’ve signed 30 players across the world playing different games. The infrastructure 9cheaper data and better network service) doesn’t exist, but we going to push on and create a viable ecosystem.

“We are going to create a value preposition for people to come invest in E-Sport and Gaming, that’s what I’m doing right now.”

Dr. Sid is also building platforms for entertainment, but he didn’t give much insight on it, stating he doesn’t want to elaborate on it.

Losing interest in music: Dr. Sid said he had lost interest in music even though he plans to release a five-track EP in 2020. The artist began his career in 2002 with Trybes Records after which he joined Mo’Hits Records following the disbanding of the former. He is now with Mavin Records – a label that was created by the former co-founder of default Mo’Hits, Michael ‘Don Jazzy’ Collins.

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