Do You Know Mr. Godwin Obaseki Has Done As Much As The Following? – Mike O. Enahoro

The government of H. E. Mr. Godwin Obaseki has done Edo people proud in so may areas, yet were underreported. In the last few days, I have be engaging the Government and was be made to pass through various departments to see the work the Governor has completed and some that are on going to meet up with his electoral promises. While working on a template to begin to showcase to Edo people, work done in sector by sector, ministry by ministry and department by department, let me drop the following bullets as gathered from Madam Uyi J. Oduwa-Malaka, the Governor Special Adviser on Programme;

*Governor Obaseki projects accomplished with ongoing projects.*

1. Edo Job Initiative
2. Edo Innovation Hub
3. Edo Best Educational Reform
4. Open New Central Hospital
5. Edo Production Center
6. Wabizigan launched
7. Govt Science and Technical College
8. Bill passed and signed into law, Establishing the College of Agriculture Iguoriakhi.
9. Emotan Garden Housing
10. Over 10,000 teachers trained
11. Industrial Court
12. Lucky Way constructed
13. New and better EDSTMA
14. New Template for revenue collection
15. Pension Scheme setup
16. Distributed over a million textbooks
17. Fight against Human Trafficking
18. Benin – Akure Road Rehabilitated
19.Irhirhi-Aruogba-Obazagbon-Ogheghe Road
20. Renovation of Oba Akenzua Cultural Center
21. Rehabilitation of Secretariat Road, Igarra
22. Construction of Orhodua Bridge
23. Rehabilitation of Uzebba-Ukpoje-Akagbor Road
24. Reduced C of O to N50k
25. Eradicated CDAs from our communities and stopped Agberos from collecting revenues for Edo State Government.
24. Renovation of High Court Complex
25. Launches compulsory health insurance scheme for all in Edo State. “Social Healthcare Insurance Scheme/Basic Healthcare Provision Funds.
26. Twenty healthcare centers revamped.
27. Create online websit “EdoMonitorMe” Portal for transparency and monitoring of projects


1. Tayo Akpata University, Abudu Campus
2. Textile Mill Road
3. Ekaewan Road
4. Ugbor-Amagba
5. Commencement of reclamation of erosion damaged embarkment along Upper Mission Road by Temboga.
6. On going Road construction project at Obakhavbaye…executed by Edo State Ministry of Infrastructure and Powered by Edo State Govt.
7. Ossiomo Power Plant
8. Benin River Port, Gelegele
9. Modular Refinery
10. Construction of Primary Health Care Center
11. Construction of Judges Quarters
12. Renovation and facilities upgrade Ogbemudia Stadium
13. Construction of the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Iguoriakhi. Ongoing.
14. Laying of fiber optic for faster internet speeds with other collaborations.

*List of 230 Schools Being Renovated, by Governor Godwin Obaseki-led Administration. Edo State is going further and better.*

1 Afeye P/S,Ikiran-ELE RENOVATION Akoko-Edo
3 Ososo p/s, Ososo RENOVATION Akoko-Edo
4 Ugbogbo p/s,Igarra RENOVATION Akoko-Edo
5 Iyodaro p/s, Aiyetora RENOVATION Akoko-Edo
6 Ahor p/s, Bekuma RENOVATION Akoko-Edo
7 Ojirami p/s, Ojirami RENOVATION Akoko-Edo
8 Usu p/s,Akoko-Edo RENOVATION Akoko-Edo
9 Usomo p/s, Somorika RENOVATION Akoko-Edo
10 Enwan p/s,Enwan RENOVATION Akoko-Edo
11 Amegor p/s,Uwelu RENOVATION Egor
12 Olua p/s,Uselu RENOVATION Egor
13 Eweka p/s, Useh RENOVATION Egor
14 Oba-Ewuare p/s,Okhoro RENOVATION Egor
15 Okhoro p/s,Benin City RENOVATION Egor
16 Oronmiyan p/s, Evbuotubu RENOVATION Egor
17 Ugbioghoko p/s,Upper Ekenwan RENOVATION Egor
18 Community p/s, Uselu RENOVATION Egor
19 Eson p/s, Uselu RENOVATION Egor
20 Aghahuwa p/s,Uselu RENOVATION Egor
21 Edaiken P/s Uselu RENOVATION Egor
22 Ugbowo School RENOVATION Egor
23 Edigin P/s Useh RENOVATION Egor
24 Egor P/s Egor village RENOVATION Egor
25 Ogiegor P/s Egor RENOVATION Egor
26 Olor P/s Inofe RENOVATION Egor
27 Osunde P/s Benin city RENOVATION Egor
28 Iyesigie p/s Uselu RENOVATION Egor
29 Eyangie p/s Benin city RENOVATION Egor
30 Iheya p/s Benin city RENOVATION Egor
31 Ugiagbe p/s Evbuotubu RENOVATION Egor
32 Uruwan p/s Uruwan RENOVATION Egor
33 Eguare p/s, Irrua RENOVATION Esan Central
34 Akho p/s, Irrua RENOVATION Esan Central
35 Eko-Ojemen P/S, Ewu RENOVATION Esan Central
36 Ujabhole P/S, Ujabhole RENOVATION Esan Central
37 Uwenujie P/S,Irrua RENOVATION Esan Central
38 Ebudin P/S, Ebudin RENOVATION Esan Central
39 Idunwele P/S, Ewo RENOVATION Esan Central
40 Ugbokhare P/S, Ugbokhare RENOVATION Esan Central
41 Ibore-unea P/S, Ibore RENOVATION Esan Central
42 Okhore P/S, Opoji RENOVATION Esan Central
43 Afuda P/S, Afuda-Idigun RENOVATION Esan North East
44 Eguare P/S Uromi RENOVATION Esan North East
45 Egbele P/S, Uromi RENOVATION Esan North East
46 Id-oza P/S, Uromi RENOVATION Esan North East
47 Obeidu P/S, Uromi RENOVATION Esan North East
48 Uromi Girls P/S, Uromi RENOVATION Esan North East
49 Uzenema P/S, Uromi RENOVATION Esan North East
50 Olinlin P/S, Uzea RENOVATION Esan North East
51 Awo P/S, Uromi RENOVATION Esan North East
52 Uwalor oke P/S,Uromi RENOVATION Esan North East
53 Id-oniha P/S, Uromi RENOVATION Esan North East
54 Okaigben P/S, Ewohimi RENOVATION Esan South East
55 Eguare, P/S, Ohordua RENOVATION Esan South East
56 Eguare, P/S, Ohordua RENOVATION Esan South East
57 Eguare P/S,Ewohimi RENOVATION Esan South East
58 Id-Iyasele, P/S, Ewatto RENOVATION Esan South East
59 Eguare P/S, oria RENOVATION Esan South East
60 Central P/S, Ubiaja RENOVATION Esan South East
61 Usolo P/S, Emu RENOVATION Esan South East
62 Udakpa P/S, Ubiaja RENOVATION Esan South East
63 Niger Bank P/S, Ilushi RENOVATION Esan South East
64 Eguare P/S, Urohi RENOVATION Esan West
65 Emuhi P/S, Emuhi RENOVATION Esan West
66 Igor P/S, Igor RENOVATION Esan West
67 Ogbomoide P/S, Iruekpen RENOVATION Esan West
68 Oraede-Ole P/S, Oraede-Ole RENOVATION Esan West
69 Ujemen P/S, Ekpoma RENOVATION Esan West
70 Ukpato P/S,Ujugba RENOVATION Esan West
71 Ukpogo P/S,Ukpogo-Ogua RENOVATION Esan West
72 Emaudo P/S, Ekpoma RENOVATION Esan West
73 Imule P/S, Imule RENOVATION Esan West
74 Etokhana P/S,Iraokhor RENOVATION Etsako Central
75 Alao P/S,Fugar RENOVATION Etsako Central
76 Obeze P/S,Udaba RENOVATION Etsako Central
77 Osesieamhe P/S,Udochi RENOVATION Etsako Central
78 Azeukhala P/S, Ekperi RENOVATION Etsako Central
79 Imhakhena P/S, Ogbona RENOVATION Etsako Central
80 Obe P/S,Iviokhue RENOVATION Etsako Central
81 Oghomhere P/S, Oghomhere RENOVATION Etsako Central
82 Ugbodaga P/S, Anegbette RENOVATION Etsako Central
83 Usagbe P/S, Fugar RENOVATION Etsako Central
84 Eramhe P/S, Afokeplla RENOVATION Etsako East
85 Eveva P/S,Okpella RENOVATION Etsako East
86 Igiele P/S,Uzanu RENOVATION Etsako East
87 Okpisa P/S,Emokweme RENOVATION Etsako East
88 Okugbe P/S,Ivioghe RENOVATION Etsako East
89 Pastorial P/S,Weppa RENOVATION Etsako East
90 Ekhale P/S, Okpella RENOVATION Etsako East
91 Udiojiejie P/S, Udiojiejie RENOVATION Etsako East
92 Omegie P/S,Okpella RENOVATION Etsako East
93 Ugbedogun P/S, Okpella RENOVATION Etsako East
94 Akpekpe P/S,Auchi RENOVATION Etsako West
95 Azama P/S, Jattu RENOVATION Etsako West
96 Ekhaebhele P/S, Sabo-Ibie RENOVATION Etsako West
97 Ekhei P/S, Auchi RENOVATION Etsako West
98 Ikabigbo P/S, Ikabigbo RENOVATION Etsako West
99 Iyamoh P/S, Iyamoh RENOVATION Etsako West
100 Odigie-Egho P/S, Agbede RENOVATION Etsako West
101 Ebesemobo P/S, Jagbe RENOVATION Etsako West
102 Unity P/S, Idegun RENOVATION Etsako West
103 Otaru P/S, Auchi RENOVATION Etsako West
104 Sule P/S, Apana RENOVATION Etsako West
105 Usogun P/S, Auchi RENOVATION Etsako West
106 Idumenka P/S, Igueben RENOVATION Igueben
107 Idumogo P/S, Igueben RENOVATION Igueben
108 Idumowu P/S, Ebelle RENOVATION Igueben
109 Iyekoke P/S, Igueben RENOVATION Igueben
110 Eko P/S, Ekpon RENOVATION Igueben
111 Eguare Ewosa P/S, Ewosa RENOVATION Igueben
112 Eguare P/S, Okalo RENOVATION Igueben
113 Afuda P/S, Igueben RENOVATION Igueben
114 Udoneria P/S,Udo RENOVATION Igueben
115 Eguare P/S, Amahor RENOVATION Igueben
116 Ugbekun P/S, Ugbekun RENOVATION Ikpoba-Okha
117 Ivbiyeneva P/S, Benin City RENOVATION Ikpoba-Okha
118 Erosoyen P/S, Benin City RENOVATION Ikpoba-Okha
119 Army Children P/S, Ikpoba-Hill RENOVATION Ikpoba-Okha
120 Aduwawa P/S, Aduwawa RENOVATION Ikpoba-Okha
121 Akugbe P/S, Benin City RENOVATION Ikpoba-Okha
122 Imasabor P/S, Benin City RENOVATION Ikpoba-Okha
123 Ivbiotor P/S, Benin City RENOVATION Ikpoba-Okha
124 Uhie P/S, Uhie RENOVATION Ikpoba-Okha
125 Ogbeni P/S,Ikpoba –Hill RENOVATION Ikpoba-Okha
126 Etete P/S, Benin City RENOVATION Ikpoba-Okha
127 Ogie-Obovbe P/s Benin city RENOVATION Ikpoba-Okha
128 ogiegbean P/s ogbeson RENOVATION Ikpoba-Okha
129 Ogonerie P/s Benin city RENOVATION Ikpoba-Okha
130 Akugbe P/s Benin city RENOVATION Ikpoba-Okha
131 Amufi P/s Benin city RENOVATION Ikpoba-Okha
132 Aoro P/s Utezi RENOVATION Ikpoba-Okha
133 Physical & Handicap School RENOVATION Ikpoba-Okha
134 Umelu School RENOVATION Ikpoba-Okha
135 Isohon P/s Benin city RENOVATION Ikpoba-Okha
136 Ewuare P/s Obayantor RENOVATION Ikpoba-Okha
137 Osemwende P/s RENOVATION Ikpoba-Okha
138 Egba P/s Egba RENOVATION Ikpoba-Okha
139 Elaisolobi P/s RENOVATION Ikpoba-Okha
140 Fabiyi – Akpata P/S, Benin city RENOVATION Oredo
141 Uwa P/S, Benin City RENOVATION Oredo
142 Agbado P/S, Benin City RENOVATION Oredo
143 Arinze P/S, Benin City RENOVATION Oredo
144 Asoro P/S, Benin City RENOVATION Oredo
145 Emotan P/S, Benin City RENOVATION Oredo
146 Emokpae P/S, Benin Cty RENOVATION Oredo
147 Family Support Program P/S RENOVATION Oredo
148 Igbesamwan P/S, Benin City RENOVATION Oredo
149 Oliha P/S, Benin City RENOVATION Oredo
150 Owegie P/S, Benin City RENOVATION Oredo
151 Victory P/S, Benin City RENOVATION Oredo
152 Igun p/s Benin city RENOVATION Oredo
153 Oghodua p/s Benin city RENOVATION Oredo
154 Payne P/s Benin city RENOVATION Oredo
155 Oguola P/s Benin city RENOVATION Oredo
156 Iyoba P/s Benin city RENOVATION Oredo
157 Edokpolor P/s Benin city RENOVATION Oredo
158 Ogbe-ibuya p/s Benin city RENOVATION Oredo
159 Oza (Ebenezer UNA) P/s RENOVATION Oredo
160 Esere P/s Benin city RENOVATION Oredo
161 Adesuwa P/s Benin city RENOVATION Oredo
162 Emokhua P/s, Iguemokhua RENOVATION Orhionmwon
163 Egbokor P/S,Egbokor RENOVATION Orhionmwon
164 Idunmwingun P/S, urhonigbe RENOVATION Orhionmwon
165 Oza P/S, Oza RENOVATION Orhionmwon
166 Umagbae P/S, Ugboko-Nugbe RENOVATION Orhionmwon
167 Igbontor P/S, Igbanke RENOVATION Orhionmwon
168 Obaseki Memorial P/S, Audu RENOVATION Orhionmwon
169 Iyobosa P/S, Urhomehe RENOVATION Orhionmwon
170 Obozogbe P/S, Obozogbe-niro RENOVATION Orhionmwon
171 Iyedo P/S,Obazagbon-nugu RENOVATION Orhionmwon
172 Iguere P/S, Iguere RENOVATION Orhionmwon
173 Obiogba P/S, Igbanke RENOVATION Orhionmwon
174 Evboeghae P/S, Evboehiehae RENOVATION Orhionmwon
175 Aro P/S, Uniaro RENOVATION Ovia North-East
176 Odaro P/S, Obarenren RENOVATION Ovia North-East
177 Edaiken P/S,Ogbesse RENOVATION Ovia North-East
178 Oriri P/S Iguhoro RENOVATION Ovia North-East
179 Erosoyen P/S, Oluku RENOVATION Ovia North-East
180 Ofunmwegbe P/S,-Ikuobase RENOVATION Ovia North-East
181 Okuore P/S, Oghede RENOVATION Ovia North-East
182 Arousa P/S, Iguadolor RENOVATION Ovia North-East
183 Ekhibi P/S, Ovbiogie RENOVATION Ovia North-East
184 Ekaladerhan P/S, Urhorokhokho RENOVATION Ovia North-East
185 Obanosa P/S, Iguiya RENOVATION Ovia North-East
186 Utoka P/S, Utoka RENOVATION Ovia North-East
187 Osa P/S, Gelegele RENOVATION Ovia North-East
188 Adolor P/S, Umaza RENOVATION Ovia South West
189 Obe P/S, Iguogun RENOVATION Ovia South West
190 Igbinoba P/S, Igbinoba RENOVATION Ovia South West
191 Olodiama P/S, Nikorogha RENOVATION Ovia South West
192 Osaseyi P/S, Usen RENOVATION Ovia South West
193 Egbema P/S, Egbema RENOVATION Ovia South West
194 Siluko P/S, Siluko RENOVATION Ovia South West
195 Ovonramwan P/S,iguafole RENOVATION Ovia South West
196 Ezoti P/S, Udo RENOVATION Ovia South West
197 Oriakhi P/S, Oriakhi RENOVATION Ovia South West
198 Agbalosun P/S, Warrake RENOVATION Owan East
199 Ivbiele P/S, Ihievbe RENOVATION Owan East
200 Odion P/S, Uokha RENOVATION Owan East
201 Emokpare P/S, Ivbiaro RENOVATION Owan East
202 Anama P/S, Out RENOVATION Owan East
203 Ivbigun P/S,Ohanmi RENOVATION Owan East
204 Emai P/S, Afuze RENOVATION Owan East
205 Ogute P/S,Ogute- Emai RENOVATION Owan East
206 Otuajabor P/S, Ihievbe RENOVATION Owan East
207 Idesa P/S, Otuo RENOVATION Owan East
208 Agugbogo P/S, Agugbogo RENOVATION Owan East
209 Owato Central P/S, Oke-New RENOVATION Owan West
210 Ihoro P/S, Avbiosi New-Iuleha RENOVATION Owan West
211 Obe P/S, Sabongida Ora RENOVATION Owan West
212 Osaije Central P/S, Okpuje-Iuleha RENOVATION Owan West
213 St Thomas Moore P/S, Sobe RENOVATION Owan West
214 Uben P/S, Uhonmora RENOVATION Owan West
215 Edeseime P/S, Ukhuse-Osi RENOVATION Owan West
216 Ozalla P/S, Ozalla RENOVATION Owan West
217 Oseze P/S, Eruere-Iluleha RENOVATION Owan West
218 Olaguama P/S, Uzebba RENOVATION Owan West
219 Okhide P/S, Uzebba RENOVATION Owan West
220 Ubebe P/s Adesagbon RENOVATION Uhunmwode
221 Uvbenisi P/S, Uvbenisi RENOVATION Uhunmwode
222 Arosa P/S, Ehor RENOVATION Uhunmwode
223 Osula P/S, Osula RENOVATION Uhunmwode
224 Aguebor P/S, Egba RENOVATION Uhunmwode
225 Edokpayi P/S, Ehor RENOVATION Uhunmwode
226 Iguogbe P/S, Iguogbe RENOVATION Uhunmwode
227 Obadan P/S, Obadan RENOVATION Uhunmwode
228 Ere P/S, Ugha RENOVATION Uhunmwode
229 Umokpe P/S, Umokpe RENOVATION Uhunmwode
230 Ogiesomwan P/S, Ogiesomwan RENOVATION Uhunmwode

We are transforming education in Edo State with the Edo Basic Education Sector Transformation (Edo-BEST) programme. Our children are not just schooling, they are now learning.

The ongoing infrastructural revolution in the state is as a result of our commitment to prudent use of resources. The amount previously used to construct only one road, can now construct three of the same kind roads.

*Civil Service Reforms*
For us in Edo State, our people are our most valued assets. That is why we put our civil servants and pensioners first by ensuring that their renumeration is not only paid, but paid promptly. They receive their pay and benefit on the 26th of every month.

This administration has undertaken numerous reforms in agriculture, healthcare, education among others. By 2024, other states in Nigeria would be struggling to measure up with the level of progress we would have attained.

In some of our future articles, we shall be looking at these projects senatorial by senatorial, LGA by LGA. In that, we will be able to send in more details…

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