D’banj blasts Guardian NG, ‘Stand Up To End Rape’ team

Nigerian musician and entrepreneur, Oladapo Daniel Oyebanjo, better known as D’banj has reacted to the report that his team abducted and detained Seyitan Babayo, the woman who accused him of raping her in her hotel room in December 2018.

This comes after D’banj sued Seyitan for N1.5 billion through his lawyer, Mike Ozekhome, a human rights activist and Senior Advocate of Nigeria.

The 40-year-old on Saturday replied to a tweet by human rights activist, Segun Awosanya, telling his side of the abduction story and praising the efforts of Non-Governmental Organisation such as Stand Up To End Rape (STER) to help people in need.

Awosanya tweeted, “We cannot be seen to discourage the activist wills of @kikimordi@ChiomaChuka and @AyodejiOsowobi (of STER) et al from helping people in need of urgent intervention – but observing what has occurred in this case.”

In reply, D’banj demanded that Awosanya “tell the truth.”

“Yes agreed, but we should also call them out when they lie and go about things the wrong way, without facts Misleading the public all becos of International NGO funding and to look like they working. Say the truth @segalink,” he told him.

The DKM record label boss also shared a screenshot of the abduction story by Guardian Newspaper publication which he said had been sold by the NGOs to get international funding.

He tweeted, “The same liars that sold this story to look good to their International NGOs to look like they are working.

“You know the truth and their names @segalink, call them out. Don’t chicken out. Say the truth. And you @guardiannews@guardian I thought you knew better.”

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