Dayo Amusa under fire for shaming aspiring actress

Popular Nollywood Actress Dayo Amusa came under criticism from fans after she was perceived to have ridiculed an aspiring actress.

In the post which stirred the criticism, a follower left a comment to let Dayo know that she is “an aspiring actress” in need of a “helping hand.”

Dayo Amusa, however, labeled the aspiring actress a “joker”

Dayo noted that the aspiring actress showed no evidence to back up her ‘so-called talent’ on social media.

She said: “Who will waste his/her time to help you when you have not helped yourself? You have access to the internet, you have an IG page, no skit, nothing to showcase your so-called talent & u dey find help. You a joker.”

However, fans deemed her response offensive and insensitive.

Some of her fans took to the comment section to make their grievances known.

Dayo Amusan, however, backed up her earlier statement.

The Nollywood actress said her intention was not to belittle the upcoming actress, but she insisted that the lady is a “joker” for not using her Instagram account to display her talent.

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