Dangote subsea pipeline to curb gas flaring, links Niger Delta to Lekki

Dangote Industries Limited has disclosed that significant gas supply would be unlocked by its subsea gas pipeline project, as Dangote’s multibillion-dollar project nears completion.

The company stated that the pipeline, which is expected to reduce Nigeria’s gas flaring, would connect the Niger Delta to Lekki Free Trade Zone, which is located in Lagos State, helping it feed its fertiliser plant. The plant is part of Dangote’s refinery project scheduled to be completed by the first half of 2021. The project is now 75% completed while the petrochemical unit is also 60% completed.

Dangote’s multi billion-dollar refinery is 75% complete, Otedola says

Nairametrics had reported that construction works on Dangote Fertiliser Plant had been completed and that the facility was ready for commissioning. The fertiliser plant is the second largest in the world and it is expected to become a major boost for the Nigerian agriculture sector.

In a recent report, Dangote Industries Limited said the pipeline is about the size of 1,100-kilometre and would be capable of managing three billion standard cubic feet of gas per day. This will ensure there’s enough gas for commercial usage, thereby, preventing the need to import gas when it begins operation.

It was also explained that the subsea pipeline is expected to create a corridor for evacuation of trapped gas from offshore platforms in Nigeria to make for the monetisation of the product.

What makes the project a big deal is its role in diversifying Nigeria’s economy, limiting the country’s dependence on import of oil and gas, as it will help Nigeria meet demand and increase government revenue and foreign exchange from exports; all of which will reflect on the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Meanwhile, Dangote Refinery is expected to be the biggest in the world. Some 650, 000 barrels of crude will be refined daily, even as its products will be supplied across Africa and Europe, after meeting local demands.

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