A Commentary by Paul J. Izekor

If there was a gallery for the exhibition of Olympian electoral failures in the life of the Edo State PDP, Dan Orbih’s diminutive dummy would have gained infamy of lugubrious and theatrical proportion as a politician of zero electoral and organizational value.

As a life-long loyal member of the PDP, it profoundly grieves me to watch the suicidal descent of our party into greater electoral precipice with the unmerited catapulting of Dan Orbih into some nationally prominent position. The irreversible consequence of the enhancement of Dan Orbih’s position is that the higher he goes in our party hierarchy, the abysmally our party falls.
This is the sobering prediction that we must begin to confront.

Where is our pride as a principled and disciplined political opposition if we attempt to make an incompetent political character to look like a baron of organizational strategy? Or how else can one describe a supposed Edo State party chairman who never delivered his own Ward (and perhaps his voting unit) once in the past 10 years? Is this the kind of result we envisage to be celebrating in future elections?

To PDP members in Edo State and national, be on the alert, Dan Orbih’s wreaking train is coming!

The man who led Edo State PDP into the wilderness and kept the party wandering in the uncharted wild for 10 years is about to re-enact the same theatrical political failure in South-South PDP and perhaps at the national apex of the party. The very character that steered our party’s ship into a drift and flounder on tempestuous seas along with a traumatized membership for a decades is today maneuvering to be ‘gifted’ more prominent positions. Dan Orbih is infected with a psychological debilitation and overblown ego, hence, he constantly seeks enlarged power for which he has zero ability or capacity for responsible delivery on the obligations of the offices he seeks.
For a decade, Dan Orbih held Edo State PDP hostage not allowing for any meaningful reforms or crisis-free electoral transition within the party. As he lost increased grassroots democratic approval for his chairmanship legitimacy, so did our party got trashed from one election to another and the ashes of our mournful defeat kept piling up.

He didn’t care for the fortunes of the party, all that matter to the diminutive character with varied voracious propensity was his own survival. And that is the model that will be duplicated in whatever position to which he’s dubiously elevated.

On what legacy is Dan Orbih being advanced by a cabal within the national hierarchy of the PDP? Why should a profile of failure, incompetence and financial shenanigans be compensated with higher office in party management? Twice he led Edo PDP into gubernatorial contests, we lost miserably on both occasions with permanent political disability inflicted on our candidates and deep psychological damage to our membership . General Charles Airhiavbere rtd. and Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu are two pitiful specimens of Edo State PDP experiment in Dan Orbih’s political laboratory. Both of these two governorship candidates have never recovered since 2012 (Airhiavbere ) and 2016 (Ize-Iyamu) from the fatal wounds they suffered consequent on following Dan Orbih’s rickety and politically fraudulent army into electoral battles.
His voting unit does not trust him and so he loses the location all the time,the voters of his Ward show him contempt and mockery in every election circle, any Senatorial, National Assembly or House of Assembly candidate with whom Dan Orbih campaigns never emerge victorious, Dan Orbih is not trusted by his own people, the members of South-South PDP cannot and should not trust him too.

It will indeed tantamount to setting a conflagration on the roof of our national structure for anyone to contemplate elevating Dan Orbih beyond his current position as Deputy National Chairman (South-South); a position he must be made to immediately vacate if we are really serious about building a formidable and electorally-viable political party. By constantly losing his unit, that translates to the fact that he is not even a viable councillorship candidate in his own micro community.

It should be memorialized that Dan Orbih’s despicable performance as party chairman was even more disgraceful when we supposedly had the ‘’Federal Might’’ under President Jonathan’s administration in 2016. Somehow, he managed to squander the goodwill usually garnered by a political party with a Federal profile.

His legacy in Edo State today lies in the painful memories of party members envisioning the grave damage done to the largest proud party in Nigeria.. His domestic embarrassment and consequential loses for the party is enough, please don’t regionalize or nationalize the unmitigated disaster.

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