Cynthia Morgan reacts to Jude Okoye’s rebuttal

Embattled singer, Cynthia Morgan, said she never stated that his former boss, Jude Okoye, took away her Instagram account.

Cynthia, however, insisted that Jude took over her VEVO account and she should be suing him.

Cynthia, now Madrina, made this known in another Instalive video session with former Miss Globe Nigeria Cassandra.

This came after Jude Okoye issued a rebuttal to Cynthia’s claim that he was responsible for her career misfortune.

Jude Okoye claimed he took over her VEVO account because he lost N40 million after she breached her contract.

But Cynthia said this happened because Jude didn’t do his job well because she was a big brand while still with Northside Entertainment.

Below are other comments made by Cynthian Morgan in her recent interview.

“Jude didn’t care about my feelings and that’s why I didn’t resign from the contract.”

“Shoutout to Davido. One Love and I’ve always loved David”

“I can meet up with Jude but definitely not my ex-manager. Joy was trying to use me and I even think Jude was used.”

“I wasn’t fighting anybody but just saying my truth. People go always talk for instagram”

“Jude never had control of my Instagram account.”

“If I see Joy, it’s on sight bruv”

“The first 3 years of my contract, I wasn’t happy. The person I actually had an issue with was Joy and not Jude. Joy as a manager was more of a dictatorship.”

“The contract is an investment. Our agreement was to pay Jude back e.g if he invests 50million and after then, 50 50 deal comes in”

“If I really need sympathy, I would’ve come out years ago and currently, I’m saying the truth”

“I should sue Jude actually. I was hungry and Jude was turning down 3.5million gigs”

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