COVID-19 vaccine: ‘Good luck in developing yours’ – Russia replies US, others

Russia has dismissed condemnations against its COVID-19 vaccine.

The country wished the United States and others criticizing its efforts “good luck in developing theirs”.

On Tuesday, Russia announced that the vaccine had been approved by health regulators.

On Wednesday, Health Minister, Mikhail Murashko reacted to allegations that ‘Sputnik V’ was unsafe.

Murashko stated that they were groundless and driven by competition, Interfax news agency reported.

President Vladimir Putin declared that the vaccine was effective and that one of his daughters already received it.

Full-scale production is expected to commence in September even as phase 3 of the trial is yet to be conducted.

Head of Russia’s sovereign wealth fund RDIF, Kirill Dmitriev, accused the West of bias.

He told CNBC that they were not expecting anything else.

“We are not trying to convince the U.S. Our point to the world is that we have this technology, it can be available in your country in November/December if that works with your regulator… We wish them good luck in developing theirs.”

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