COVID-19: Patients in Edo isolation centre hail govt’s efforts at managing active cases

Patients being treated for coronavirus (COVID-19) at the Edo State Infectious Disease Isolation Centre have commended the state government’s efforts in managing confirmed cases of the virus.

Edo State has recorded a total of 792 suspected cases of COVID-19 and 95 confirmed cases spread across eleven LGAs. The state has completed treatment for 35 COVID-19 patients who tested negative for the virus.

One of the patients at the Edo State Infectious Disease Isolation Centre at the Stella Obasanjo Hospital, Mr. Sylvanus Ehi said the state government deserves commendation for putting up a highly trained and coordinated team of professionals and adequate resources for the management of confirmed cases for COVID-19.

“I have a team of medical experts assigned to me from the first day of my admission. A typical day at the centre begins with a decent breakfast for the patients, after which a matron and a doctor goes round the wards to check the vital signs of each patient. The team also administers the daily medications for the treatment of the virus.

“During the day, you have a consultant psychiatrist and other physicians who keep a check on you by placing a call or through WhatApp chat. There is an intercom for each patient. If you have any need for attention, all you need is to the dial short code for a doctor or nurse. I must say that the teams here have been professional in their conduct,” he said.

On the facility at the Centre, Mr. Ehi said, “The rooms are well ventilated with 24/7 internet facility, power and water supply. No doctor or nurse comes into the wards without their Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). We get 3 square meals and bottle water each daily.

“He noted: “It is important for people to complement the state’s government efforts to halt the spread of the virus by going for the screening and test. Having the virus is not a death sentence. I have not seen any patient here who is sitting or lying down sick in the centre. People should not wait until they are sick before they go for the screening or test as early detection is key to the effective treatment for the virus.

“Other patients at the centre expressed appreciation to the state government and the medical team for ensuring efficient service delivery, noting that the experience has renewed their hope in Nigeria.

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