COVID-19: Dele Momodu breaks silence on his coronavirus status after UK trip

Media mogul, Dele Momodu, has insisted he is not showing symptoms of coronavirus.

Momodu, in a statement on Wednesday, said it became necessary to talk about his health status, especially since he attended a party in London.

It is understood that someone who had contracted COVID-19 was present at the party and eventually died as a result.

Momodu disclosed that he underwent tests immediately, even though he had not exhibited any symptoms.

“As soon as the news broke, I immediately made arrangements yesterday night to have myself tested for the virus although I have not exhibited any of the symptoms associated with the virus.

“I called a senior Lagos State official and was informed by the relevant authorities that since I had not shown any symptoms in 14 days after the London party, I cannot be tested both legally and otherwise because I have already completed the mandatory 14 days procedure,” part of the statement read.

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