Court right in dismissing Busola Dakolo’s suit against Fatoyinbo – Daddy Freeze

Critic, Daddy Freeze has said the the court is right to have thrown out a rape suit filed by celebrity photographer, Busola Dakolo against Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo of the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly, COZA.

Dakolo had accused Fatoyinbo of raping her 20 years ago in Ilorin, Kwara State, while she was 16 years old.

A High Court in Abuja had few days ago dismissed the suit for lacking merit and a waste of time.

However, Daddy Freeze received bashing from his followers for throwing his weight behind the judgment.

He wrote on his Instagram in reply to his critics, “Some are saying Biodun is my friend that’s why I am biased. The truth is the truth, no matter what your emotions are seducing your feeble mind into believing.

“I have always remained on the side of the truth, I do not know either party and I do not have any reason to trust or disbelieve any of them in a clear ‘he said’ ‘she said’ situation, in what seems, in my humble opinion, to be a distorted narrative.

“The burden of proof in a criminal case lies on the accuser; not the accused, that’s the law, if you are unlettered or ignorant of it, how’s that my fault?

“The Nigerian judicial system has issues, but this is not one of them, in my opinion on this highly publicized case, the judge did no wrong.

“Social media largely appeals to emotions and sentiments, where everyone with a phone and some data can become a ‘seasoned analysts’, the legal system however, doesn’t. Those who hate and reject the truth are sons of Satan; the father of all lies.”

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