Coronavirus strikes another three people dead in Borno

The deadly Coronavirus disease has killed another three people in Borno, Northeast Nigeria.

This brings to six, the number of people who have been killed by Coronavirus in the state.

Dr Salihu Kwayabura, State Commissioner of Health, confirmed the death at a media briefing.

Kwayabura said the three deaths were all independent of each other and have no link with the index case in the state.

He said this was an indication that community spread has begun which necessitates the need for a review of strategy by the team.

Consequently, the surveillance team has commenced the tracing of 230 people of interest believed to be contacts of the deceased.

The Commissioner noted that part of the new strategy is to commence community testing targeting at least a thousand people daily.

According to Channels TV, the team is, however, keeping mum on the cause of the death of an emir, refusing to respond to queries about whether the emir died of Covid 19 or not.

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