Coronavirus: FG reveals screening procedure at airports

Minister of Health, Dr Ehanire has debunked reports that passengers are not being screened properly at the airports.

The minister has also disclosed the procedure for screening of international passengers.

Speaking at a press briefing on Monday, Ehanire who revealed that no Nigerian in China has contracted the virus, explained that the airline that brought the infected Italian have been notified and advised to observe and monitor its crew members.

Some Nigerians had last week on social media, queried the screening procedures at different International airport in the country.

But, Ehanire maintained that there are necessary equipment at all airports especially the International airports.

He said, ”All airports particularly International airport are well equipped. Some people do not know that they are being scanned, so they think nothing is been done.

”We are using remote sensors, passive temperature gauges. I assure you that these things are in place. we will continuously check, cross check, revise and update the form passengers fill.

”There is a standing manpower at our airports, we also have a call up man power gotten from teaching hospitals, they are redeployed to where they’re needed

”The Airports equipments are modern equipments, there are passing scanners. You walk passed it and you don’t know that your temperature is being taken.

”There is also someone observing the screen, and if you happen to have a high temperature, you will see someone walk up to you and inform you politely to come for secondary screening.

”There are people who pass through this camera without knowing that their temperature has been taken, so they complain that they have not been screened because we are used to the pistol type of scanners. We are using passing scanners, especially for international passengers.

”Any other equipment we may need will be listed by NCDC and it will be procured.”

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